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Mosquito Misting Systems in Delray Beach, FL

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Platinum Mosquito is Your Mosquito Control Expert

Mosquito misting systems can keep your Delray Beach, FL home or business free of mosquitos throughout the hot Florida summer, and no company in the region is better-equipped to install them than Platinum Mosquito. We have satisfied customers with our mosquito control solutions for nearly 20 years. Whether you want to reclaim your backyard® or need to improve your customers’ experience at a local company, we can help. Our warranty-backed products are known for their dependability and ease of use, so call us today to secure one for your property.

Our Team Offers a Range of Mosquito Misting Systems


Every property – commercial or residential – is unique. Therefore, we customize every mosquito misting system we install. We have extensive experience in the industry, so you can rest assured we will devise a system and plan that suits your needs. Additionally, we will take special care to ensure all of your spray nozzles are discreet. Enjoy the benefits of mosquito control without any off-putting visual components. Our mosquito control services in Palm Beach County include:

  • Home Misting Systems: The warm summer sun, a cold refreshing drink, and the smell of dinner cooking on the grill is enough to make anyone want to spend time outside. But the threat of harmful mosquitos may discourage outdoor relaxation time. To make sure this is never a choice you have to make, allow Platinum Mosquito to install an automatic home mosquito misting system on your property.
  • Commercial Mosquito Misting Systems: If your business in Delray Beach, FL attracts customers because of outdoor dining and entertainment options, you better make sure you have protection from flying insects. Our commercial mosquito spray systems will keep mosquitos away from your customers and their food so that they can have a pleasant experience at your establishment.
  • Equine Misting Systems: Mosquitos can annoy horses just as much as they can annoy people. Do not subject your four-legged friends to such torment. Our horse mosquito misting systems operate on timers to ensure your barn never serves as an insect breeding ground. Because no two barns or stables are the same, we will meet with you before determining a solution that will work best for you and your animals.
  • System Installation: Your mosquito control solution is sure to work better following professional installation by a mosquito misting company such as Platinum Mosquito. We will install every component – including the reservoir drum, pump, motor, spray nozzles, and more – to meet the requirements of your residential or commercial property. And we back our products with a 60-day guarantee, so you have peace of mind that you will receive the relief you crave.
  • System Maintenance: Following the installation of your automatic mosquito misting system, you can just sit back and let it run. It will require little to no attention from you. But when the insecticide is drained, you will need our maintenance professionals to refill your tank. While we are there, we can inspect for any issues and perform minor repairs as necessary. If something else ever goes wrong, let us know so that we can remedy your system immediately.


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Contact Platinum Mosquito in Delray Beach, FL Today

When mosquitos are causing trouble at your residential or commercial property, it is time to call a mosquito control expert. Platinum Mosquito has been serving Delray Beach, FL and the surrounding area for nearly two decades, and we are confident we can serve you, too. Contact us today to schedule a consultation regarding our effective mosquito misting systems.

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