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Platinum Mosquito Protection’s Tips For Mosquito Control

The fight against mosquitos seems never-ending. At Platinum Mosquito Protection, we want to help you fight the large mosquito population by stopping the swarm before it even starts. We provide mosquito control services to South Florida to help repel mosquitos and keep you from becoming their snack. Whether they’re laying eggs on your property or buzzing around for their next meal, these pesky pests are a big issue. We’re here to help you learn how to avoid going toe-to-toe with mosquitos in humid weather. Contact us for more information and a free estimate for our mosquito control services.

Clean Up Yard Clutter 

It’s the little things that start to clutter your yard and attract mosquitos. From the little toys that begin to accumulate to old lawn equipment, mosquitoes are always looking for debris to rest on. They love tall grass, shrubs, and pieces of debris. The first thing to do is mow your lawn down to four inches at best. Trim back any shrubbery and limbs that get in the way. Eliminating clutter gets rid of a mosquito’s favorite nesting and resting spots. The best thing about getting rid of the clutter is you’ll repel mosquitos and get a tidy property at the same time.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Mosquitos love water for breeding and nesting. A mosquito can lay up to 200 eggs in just a half inch of water. If you have a birdbath or areas that hold water after rain, mosquitos will swarm to them. Their hundreds of eggs will hatch in a few weeks, leaving you with an even bigger problem. Check around your property for buckets, old tires, toys, and other times that might hold standing water. Once you empty these areas, mosquitos don’t have a place to breed. If you use an inflatable swimming pool in the warmer months, empty it after each use. If you have a swimming pool, keep it properly maintained and covered when not in use.

Don’t Trust DEET

Mosquito repellent with DEET repels mosquitos until the critters adapt to the chemicals. After a few times, a mosquito isn’t afraid of the DEET chemicals. Another thing to remember is that 10% DEET is just as powerful as 30% DEET. While the one with the larger percentage lasts more hours, it won’t be more effective. We still recommend using insect repellent with DEET, but don’t use it as your only weapon against mosquitos. It’s best to combine it with our professional mosquito control services.

Wear the Right Clothing

You may notice that once you walk outside in shorts a t-shirt, you’re a fest for mosquitos. The best way to fight against them is to wear a hat, long pants, long sleeves, and sunglasses. Of course, we know in Florida that isn’t always the best way to stay comfortable in higher heat. Try light-colored clothing with sunglasses and a hat to keep the ankle biters away from you. If you’re planning on a weekend outdoors, look into repellent-infused clothes for a higher level of protection.

Blow Them Away

One easy way to get rid of mosquitos in your location is to always run fans. While this won’t totally keep the mosquitos away, they cannot fly in front of a breeze. Their flimsy wings aren’t strong enough to stand up to a stiff breeze caused by fans.

Don’t Trust Citronella Candles

Citronella candles do attract mosquitos, but they also give off carbon dioxide, heat, and moisture, leading them to sources of your blood. Citronella candles will deter a mosquito for a limited amount of time because the impact of the candle decreases after only a few minutes. Once the mosquito comes back, it’ll fly right through the candle’s scent.

Attract Natural Predators

Predators can help control your mosquito population. Many birds, including waterfowl, swallows, songbirds, and purple martins are natural mosquito predators. Set up bird feeders to attract these types of birds to your yard. Natural predators include koi, goldfish, and red-eared slider turtles if you have a pond. Spiders and dragonflies enjoy a meal of mosquitoes as well.

Don’t Consume Alcohol

Some mosquitos are attracted to people that drink alcohol. Alcohol increases blood flow to your skin, attracting mosquitos for the next meal. Mosquitoes might not be as into your skin if you cut down on alcohol during the warmer months.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils containing lemon, eucalyptus, and lavender stand up to mosquitoes with their natural smell. You can apply a few drops of essential oil with water, put it in a spray bottle, and spray it on yourself or around your property. Other excellent choices include tea tree oil, clove, peppermint, and lemongrass.

Use Yellow LED Lighting

Insects love lights, and mosquitoes love traditional light bulb lights. The good news is that yellow and warm LED lights don’t seem to attract them as much. Screw in LED light bulbs outdoors to test the theory.

Use Insect-Repelling Plants & Herbs

You can use the natural repelling properties of some plants to fight mosquitos. Many insect-repelling plants, including lavender, marigolds, and mint keep mosquitoes away with their smell. This is not a fool-proof elimination tactic because mosquitos will adapt over time, but it will keep them away for short periods of a time.

Think Bigger

Many people make the mistake of trying to eliminate small mosquito herds at a time. They think after not seeing a mosquito for a few days, the troubles are over. Mosquitos only live about a week, so the males harvest nectar during that week while the females drink your blood to lay their eggs. The cycle begins again. You think you’ve killed them off when more are born the next day. This is the main reason professional mosquito control is essential to eliminating swarms.

Know Their Limitations

It’s easy to be smarter than a mosquito. Once they live somewhere, they cannot travel more than 200 feet. You may have multiple groupings of the pesky pests, but it’s easy to isolate them. Due to their strict limitations, we’re able to professionally eliminate them quickly and efficiently.

Get Proactive with Our Solutions

Our mosquito misting systems are a great way to fight mosquitos throughout the year. When mosquitos search for rain-filled gutters and standing areas of water, our misting systems stop them in their tracks. Our residential mosquito misting systems are easily installed anywhere around your South Florida home. The systems use an automated timer to release a blend of natural pyrethrum and permethrin, a synthetic form of pyrethrum. The natural mosquito repellent mist helps rid of many different types of backyard insects without harming pets or humans. We provide installation and show you how to operate the easy system. You’ll notice a fine spray of mist through the air as it works to control mosquito populations.

Contact Platinum Mosquito Protection for a Free Estimate

Platinum Mosquito Protection understands it’s tough to get rid of mosquitos. We know the critters in South Florida are ruthless for their next meal. If you’ve tried everything to eliminate them, we’re here for you. We’ll install our automatic mosquito misting system to keep pesky mosquitos away as long as possible. Best of all, our mosquito misting system blends in with your landscaping and property, so you’ll never notice it’s there. We want you to feel comfortable without worrying about mosquito bites! Contact us today for a free estimate!

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