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Platinum Mosquito Protection Can Reduce Mosquito Activity


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Since 2003, Platinum Mosquito Protection has been protecting homes and businesses throughout South Florida, including Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach. Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians understand the importance of providing thorough and effective solutions to reduce mosquitos on your property. Our unique mosquito misting system offers continued protection against diseases-carrying mosquitos that may otherwise make it impossible to enjoy your commercial or residential outdoor space. It’s essential to identify what makes your property the ideal place for mosquitos. Then, you can take the necessary steps to reduce the number of mosquitos found on your property. Learn more about how Platinum Mosquito Protection can help reduce the number of mosquitos on your property and the steps you can take to make your property less hospitable to these annoying pests. Contact us today to get started with a free quote.

Why Do I Need to Reduce Mosquitos On My Property?

Mosquitos are an ever-present pest that can quickly ruin your outdoor activities. Whether you’re a native Floridian or business owner, enjoying the gorgeous outdoor weather is part of the experience of being in Florida. However, mosquitos can quickly turn your exciting outdoor event into an uncomfortable situation. Not only can a mosquito infestation quickly put an end to your outdoor events, it can also damage your business’s reputation while putting your guests at risk for diseases transmitted by mosquitos. Learn more about what it’s essential to reduce the number of mosquitos on your property.

  • Diseases – Mosquitos are known to carry a wide variety of conditions, including West Nile Virus, Triple E, and others. While the overall risk is low, these diseases have a wide variety of effects, including mild symptoms, such as headache and fever; too more severe symptoms, including death. Whether you’re a home or business owner, it’s crucial to keep those on your property safe.
  • Reputation – As a business owner, managing mosquitos is about reducing risk of disease and helping to maintain your business’s reputation. If you’re unable to get mosquitos under control, guests may not be willing to stay at your establishment, or they may avoid going there altogether.
  • Out Door Space – Whether you’re a home or business owner, you want to get the most use out of your outdoor space. Mosquitos can quickly turn a family BBQ into their own feast. With proper mosquito prevention, you can experience your home or business’s outdoor space in peace.

Why Are There So Many Mosquitos On My Property?

Has your home or business become a haven for mosquitos to breed? To reduce the number of mosquitos on your property, it’s helpful to understand the ideal environment that allows these disease-carrying pests to thrive. Once you know what to look for, it becomes easier to take steps to reduce the mosquito count on your property. At Platinum Mosquito Protection, we have decades of experience helping to reduce and eliminate mosquitos on both commercial and residential property to help home and business owners get the most from their outdoor space.

  • Standing Water – Mosquitos use water to lay their eggs. The fact is, they need very little water accumulation to lay them. Even less than an inch of water is more than suitable. However, if you’re able to reduce the number of places on your home with standing water, you have a better chance of reducing the number of mosquitos on your property. If you notice water pooled in birdbaths, flowerpots, water features, and water accumulated in yard debris make sure you treat or remove them.
  • Excessive Overgrowth – Mosquitos are most active during dusk and dawn. To escape the mid-day heat, they will take shelter in overgrowth around your property. By removing excessive overgrowth, mosquitos will look for a more comfortable place to feed.
  • Improper Control Methods – Depending on the number of mosquitos in the area, managing your outdoor space with citronella candles, oils, and other household remedies may not be enough. Similarly, store-bought chemicals that “guarantee” results may not be nearly as effective at preventing mosquitos as advertised.
  • Incorrect Treatment Timing – Mosquitos are most active during the summer and early fall months. However, as the temperature continues to rise, the timetable for active mosquitos continues to widen. It’s essential to treat mosquitos during the correct timeframe to ensure the best results. When you contact us, our knowledgeable and experienced team can provide you with the best treatment timing.

What Steps Can I Take to Keep Mosquitos Out of My Yard?

The right mosquito treatment plan can help reduce the number of mosquitos on your property. However, it’s important to supplement your mosquito treatment with the proper preventative program to achieve the best results. At Platinum Mosquito Protection, we believe this holistic approach to mosquito maintenance will give you the results you want for your home or business. There are a variety of preventative steps you can take to reduce the number of mosquitos on your property.

  • Remove Standing Water – Mosquitos breed in shallow water, in some cases less than an inch deep. The mosquito larva feeds on the algae and other microorganisms in the water before hatching. Each brood can be between 50 to 500 mosquito eggs. By reducing the number of areas where mosquitos can breed, you are potentially eliminating thousands of mosquitos. Ensure there’s no standing water in potted plants, clean up tarps, and remove yard debris.
  • Treat Water Features – Water features such as ponds and waterfalls have become a popular aspect for home and commercial landscaping, and removing them may not be practical or affordable.Unfortunately, these are ideal breeding grounds for mosquitos. Luckily, there are water treatment options for your landscape ponds that will prevent mosquitos from breeding.
  • Use Fans – Mosquitos are naturally attracted to body odor as well as the carbon dioxide we give off when we breathe. Fans will quickly and continually remove the scent from the area to allow you to enjoy the outdoor space.
  • Get Professional Treatment – In many cases, at-home preventative programs and treatment aren’t enough. Mosquitos can travel up to two miles away from the breeding ground, meaning even if you’ve taken all the necessary steps, it’s up to your neighbors to do the same, which may not be the case. A professional mosquito control company, like Platinum Mosquito Protection, offers effective treatment.

How Can a Professional Keep Mosquitos Out of Your Yard?

Platinum Mosquito Protection is the area’s premier mosquito control company. With our mosquito misting program, we are able to protect you and your family from mosquitos even when they are most active. Our misting systems have a set timer that allows a continual release of pet and child-friendly chemicals that will eliminate and reduce the number of mosquitos on your property so that you can enjoy a more relaxing outdoor experience. Our highly-trained and experienced technicians will come to your home or business to conduct a thorough and free on-site inspection of your property. While there, we will listen to your concerns and make recommendations on how to prevent the mosquito from invading your property.

Choosing the Right Mosquito Control Company

Platinum Mosquito Protection has been providing protection from mosquitos to home and business owners throughout the area since 2003. Our mosquito misting system will allow you to take advantage of your home or business’s outdoor space so that you can once again enjoy family BBQs, late afternoon gatherings around the fire pit, and other activities without the threat of disease-carrying mosquitos. We believe in the effectiveness of our mosquito misting system, so we’re proud to offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. When mosquito zappers, sprays, and at-home remedies aren’t keeping the mosquitos at bay, it’s time to speak to an expert. We serve residential and commercial customers throughout the area, including Miami-Dade and Palm Beach. Contact the technicians at Platinum Mosquito Protection today to learn more and to schedule your consultation.

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