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Take Advantage of Mosquito Control in South Florida

Mosquito Misting Systems Can Control the Nuisance Population

At Platinum Mosquito Protection, we want to help beat back the persistent presence of mosquitos in South Florida. Mosquito control is our specialty, and we accomplish it by providing a range of innovative services using natural and synthetic misting applications to repel mosquitos. We live in a tropical climate, one with abundant beaches, swampland, and wildlife. Just as our beaches are a part of our world, mosquitos are too. But we can do something about it. Our company offers free estimates to private and commercial property owners, making us one of the most reliable resources for anti-mosquito services.

It’s Crucial to Understand How Mosquitos Behave

When we think of mosquitos, we think of one singular bug feasting on our blood. But mosquitos are more complicated than that. For instance, there are over 3,500 species of mosquitos, but only a couple hundred drink human blood. There are both male and female mosquitos, but it is only the female that latches onto human skin. They do so because they require a blood meal before laying eggs. At Platinum Mosquito Protection, we believe understanding mosquitos and why they congregate here is crucial to keeping them at bay. Some key facts to keep in mind include:

  • They Can Live Anywhere: Mosquitos are frequently found outside in or near standing water, but they can live and prosper inside. All they require is access to water to reproduce. They don’t care if it’s a water bottle or a pond.
  • They’re Good at Playing Hide and Seek: Mosquitos aren’t always ravenously searching for their next meal. They also retreat to hiding places, such as the crowns of trees, sewer and storm drains, and thick bushes. These places allow them to rest before their prime feasting hours.
  • They’re Active Between Dusk and Dawn: As anyone who has enjoyed an evening on the patio or dinner outside at a restaurant can attest, mosquitos love the nighttime. It’s under cover of dark that female mosquitos begin gathering blood.
  • They’re Addicted to Carbon Dioxide: We exhale CO2, which is how they locate us in the first place. Mosquitos also love lactic acid and octenal, both of which are found in our breath and sweat.
  • They’re Short-Distance Fliers: Once they set up shop, they don’t travel far. Some homes might have several groupings of mosquitos because they can’t fly further than 100-200 feet. Fortunately, their limitations make it easier for us to isolate them.
  • They Peak During Wetter Seasons: While South Florida’s climate means mosquitos never go away, it helps to understand they’re most active during the wettest times of the year, including hurricane season.
  • They’re Prehistoric: If you’re holding out hope for a day without mosquitos, don’t! Mosquitos date back to the Triassic Period, which means dinosaurs experienced the same annoyances we do. They predate us, and they’ll continue to cause problems.
  • They Reproduce in Standing Water: As noted above, they must have standing water to exist. It’s not a matter of comfort. Mosquitos lay their eggs in water – and in some cases, damp soil. They reproduce rapidly due to their short life-cycle.
  • They Don’t Live Long: Don’t develop a vendetta against any one mosquito; they’re not long for the world. Most species of mosquitos live no longer than a week. Throughout the week, the males harvest nectar from flowers while the females drink blood to lay eggs. The cycle repeats endlessly.

Mosquitos Feast Year-Round; We Can Help

While all of Florida sees a healthy dose of mosquitos, South Florida takes the brunt of the onslaught. Elsewhere – like Jacksonville – mosquito season can last around 239 days a year. Jacksonville and other North and Central Florida cities experience over 100 days of mosquito-free fun. We’re not so lucky. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a peak time for mosquito activity. Whether you live in Tampa, Palm Beach, Miami, or Parkland, mosquitos come out in full force during times when stagnant water is plentiful. The aftermath of significant rainfall is one example. Because there’s no true mosquito season in our region, property owners need to stay vigilant by working with Platinum Mosquito Protection to reduce the presence of mosquitos on their property. We’re proud to offer our invaluable services to a vast service area that includes all of Broward, Monroe, and Palm Beach Counties.

The Health Risks Associated with Mosquito Bites

Most of the time, a mosquito bite is merely an annoyance. First, you’ll notice a reddish bump, followed by the tell-tale itchiness. Eventually, the bump and itching fade. However, some individuals are allergic to mosquito bites. For them, the symptoms can be more severe: swelling, fluid-filled blisters, welts, and infections are common. But there’s another danger associated with mosquitos, which is the best reason to invest in our innovative residential and commercial mosquito misting systems. Mosquitos have always carried and transmitted disease and illness, some of which can be life-threatening:

  • West Nile Virus: West Nile Virus – despite its exotic name – is plentiful throughout Florida. Mosquitos commonly transmit it to humans.
  • Malaria: While rare, mosquito bites can infect individuals with malaria, which can occasionally kill patients.
  • Zika Virus: Zika has entered the conversation in the past few years. Mosquitos are the primary carrier for the disease.
  • Dengue Fever: Dengue fever is another common ailment carried by mosquitos. Because a single mosquito might bite several people per day, they’re the perfect vessel for the illness.

The Benefits of Our Efficient Misting Solutions

Mosquito season doesn’t end in South Florida. It only slightly relents. Homeowners and commercial property owners have no choice but to get proactive and find ways to avoid the bites that cause annoyances, spread disease, and harm businesses’ reputation. We offer a solution. Platinum Mosquito Protection has embraced new technologies and methods to more effectively control the mosquito population around your home. We encourage you to rethink your strategies. Citronella candles and other store-bought remedies are ultimately ineffective. You need an industrial-strength solution to a significant problem. We offer misting systems that automatically turn on according to your property’s needs. We install them strategically, so we can most efficiently repel mosquitos. The benefits of our misting systems include:

  • They’re Used in Agriculture: Misting systems have long been used by farmers to deliver pesticides to their products. The reason? The mist is a superb delivery device for chemicals that kill or repel insects.
  • They’re Low-Maintenance: You won’t have to do much once we install your misting system. We come out to your property to refill the reservoir, and they deliver the mist automatically.
  • They Eliminate the Need for Exterminators: You won’t have to hire an exterminator to handle mosquitos. Your exterminator hides in the eaves or behind the bushes.
  • They’re Humans and Pet Friendly: Our misting systems combine a natural element found in flowers with a synthetic compound derived from that element.
  • They Blend In: We know how to install the misting systems without ruining your outdoor areas’ aesthetics by blending them into their surroundings.

Contact Platinum Mosquito Protection for a Free Estimate

Platinum Mosquito Protection always offers free estimates before installing our mosquito misting systems. We know how ubiquitous mosquitos are in South Florida, and we understand that they never truly go away. If you’ve spent past years slathering your skin with repellent to no avail or investing untold dollars in candles and gimmicks without results, call today. We’ll visit your property and begin the inspection process.

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