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Mosquito Misting Systems for South Florida Clients

 Mosquito Control for Residential and Commercial Clients

Unfortunately, The Sunshine State boasts the most extensive collection of mosquito species in the United States – at 80. That’s a lot. However, contrary to popular belief, not all mosquitos bite. When we eliminate non-biting species from the equation, there are 33 obnoxious species of mosquitos. While mosquito bites are annoying – no matter the culprit – Platinum Mosquito Protection wants to focus on the ones who can cause serious illness for the time being. Everyone should worry about the potential side effects of mosquito bites. We offer mosquito misting systems to South Florida homes and businesses which control both annoying and potentially dangerous species of mosquitos. Our services can create a haven from mosquitos and eliminate bites. Read below for a primer on the pests to look out for in your home or business. Understanding how mosquitos work and the risks they pose is a crucial first step towards securing a more comfortable property.

Mosquito Control for the Yellow Fever Mosquito

You can find Aedes Aegypti throughout South Florida. Unfortunately, the mosquito is one of the known carriers of dengue, yellow fever, Zika virus, and chikungunya. These pests have a distinct appearance: black and white stripes that run throughout their body and legs. They’re most active during the day in shaded areas and retire after the early evening to their resting places. Like all mosquitos, female yellow fever mosquitos must feed to lay eggs.

Let Us Mystify the Asian Tiger Mosquito

The Asian tiger mosquito is similar to the yellow fever mosquito. Like its cousin, it is a potent carrier for yellow fever, dengue, Zika virus, and chikungunya. They also have tell-tale black and white markings, with one exception: a lyre-shaped mark on the thorax. Homeowners and commercial property owners can combat these mosquitos with Platinum Mosquito Protection’s patented home and commercial misting systems, keeping the daytime and early-evening loving pests at bay.

Combatting the Eastern Tree Hole Mosquito

Also called Ochlerotatus triseriatus, the eastern tree hole mosquito is found throughout South Florida, particularly in areas with a high concentration of standing water. They get their name from their preferred habitat: They breed in stagnant water found in tree holes. These mosquitos tend to feed at night and can pass along numerous harmful diseases, such as malaria.

Equine Misting Systems Deter Black Salt Marsh Mosquitos

The black salt marsh mosquito, or Aedes taeniorhyncus, poses a threat to humans and is a significant pest in coastal Florida. They emerge in clouds and swarm as far as 40 miles by using prevailing winds. Black salt marsh mosquitos can also transmit heartworm to dogs and threaten the health and life of horses. Our home and equine misting systems can help by deterring the pests from entering the containment zone our system establishes.

Culex Mosquitos: A New, but Potent Threat

The culex genus is a new arrival in Florida, but they’ve made their presence felt. There are two species found in Florida: Culex quinquefasciatus and culex nigripapus. The first prefers to bite a few hours after sunset and the other swarms during the wettest summer months. Like other mosquitos, but female bites. However, both male and female Culex mosquitos harvest nectar. Both species feed on both humans and other mammals, making them a threat to family pets.

Western Encephalitis Mosquito

Fortunately for humans, this Culex mosquito shies away from human content; instead, they feed on birds and mammals. However, if you own a pet, such as a dog, cat, or horse, you should concern yourself with keeping them away. Like many biting mosquitos, they can transmit diseases. Purchasing a home or equine misting system is an excellent way to address the problem head-on.

Southern House Mosquito

This mosquito species is widespread throughout our region due to its fondness for the wet, tropical climate. It presents transmits numerous viruses and diseases, including eastern equine encephalitis (triple-e), Saint Louis encephalitis, West Nile virus, and western equine encephalitis. Because it spreads two devastating diseases to horses, livestock owners should strongly consider investing in professional mosquito control systems.

Do Mosquitos Go Away?

Here’s the inconvenient truth: Mosquitos are here to stay. Not only have they prevailed since dinosaurs roamed the earth. Just like the dinosaurs, we have to deal with them.  Fortunately, we’re more equipped to do so. Because we live in a beautiful yet wet and tropical climate, mosquitos don’t need to hibernate the winter away. They’re more active during tropical storm season, but they never truly go away. Fortunately, Platinum Mosquito Protection offers plenty of options for industrial-strength mosquito control.

Misting Systems for Residential Clients

No matter what type of mosquito bites you, it’ll leave you with a mark. Most of the time, mosquito bites itch for a few days and then fade from view. But it helps to understand how they can impact you beyond minor irritation. Florida was built on swamp ground, which means mosquitos never let up. So, Platinum Mosquito Protection encourages all Florida residents to consider purchasing our misting systems. They are efficient, easy to hide, and safe for humans, pets, and livestock. Most importantly, they’ll allow you to enjoy afternoons by the pool and evenings on the patio with ravenous mosquitos. Our state-of-the-art-misting systems provide the following benefits:

  • They can be hidden: You put a lot of work into building a lovely home or business for yourself. We don’t want to alter your property’s existing décor. Our misting systems are versatile, meaning we can install them virtually anywhere on your property. For instance, we’ve hidden the spray nozzles along tree lines, under eaves, and gazebos.
  • They’re quiet: You don’t have to worry about a loud hissing noise or obnoxious clicks, clacks, or hums. Our misting systems operate efficiently and effectively, ensuring homeowners and business proprietors never experience mosquitos on their property. Best of all, the spray activates and spreads so silently property owners won’t notice. But mosquitos will.
  • Misting systems protect livestock: As stated above, horses are also a prime target for mosquito bites. In the case of some mosquito species, the bites can spread harmful equine diseases that cause pain and sickness for your horse and a dent to your wallet. We can place our equine misting systems in your horse’s stable or anywhere else they’re vulnerable to mosquito bites.
  • Our Misting Systems are People Friendly: Here’s what manufacturers of other mosquito repellent products – like candles or spray – won’t tell you. They can be unsafe. But more importantly, they don’t work. After all, how many times have you applied bug repellent before attending a ballgame or picnic and came home with multiple bites? They’ll never be as effective as our mosquito misting systems.
  • They’re Strong and Durable: You might think a misting system wouldn’t work in an ample, open space. But you’d be wrong. Commercial misting systems have numerous applications. We can install them at eateries and bars just as easily as on tennis courts. We’re skilled at identifying problem areas on your property and placing the misters where they’ll be most effective. Through the strategic deployment of our products, we can restore a sense of calm to your customers and help you grow your reputation.
  • You Don’t Have to Worry About Refills: Best of all, we take care of all installation, repair, and maintenance tasks. Before we sell you a misting system, we perform a free estimate walk-through of your property where we gauge how many components you’ll need. If you decide to proceed, you can count on us to keep the reservoirs filled with misting solution.
  • They Work on All Mosquitos: There may be over 80 species of mosquitos active in Florida, but none are invulnerable to our systems. For example, we can keep the yellow fever mosquito from entering your area just as easily as we can repel swarms of black salt marsh mosquitos.

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Platinum Mosquito Protection’s reputation throughout the state is based on our willingness to travel. South Florida is a big place, and we’ll trek from our home base in Davie to anywhere you require. From the gorgeous Florida Keys to Monroe County’s beach and Everglades National Park-adjacent towns and cities. We believe Florida is an excellent place to raise a family and grow a business. Our goal is to help you do so safely and comfortably by delivering effective mosquito control. You can find our innovative systems in Boca Raton, Coral Gables, Jupiter, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach, Parkland, Pinecrest, and everywhere in between. Contact us today to receive your free estimate!

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