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Commercial Mosquito Spray Systems in South Florida

Adjusting to South Florida’s Mosquito-Rich Climate

Living in a tropical climate is lovely, but it does have drawbacks. South Floridians have to contend with the near-constant onslaught of mosquitos. These bloodsuckers do more than leave annoying red bumps and an itch that doesn’t go away for days; they can sicken individuals. Platinum Mosquito Protection protects against the pests that put a damper on our enjoyment of our beautiful scenery, sun-soaked beaches, and diverse ecosystem. But some cities have it worse than others. Among the unlucky few include Ft. :Lauderdale, Miami, and Palm Beach. Mosquitos require standing water to breed, and the swamps and floodwaters following storms provide more than enough of it. Fortunately, we provide solutions to commercial and residential property owners. We’ll outline why South Floridians are right to be concerned with mosquitos and how they can arm themselves in the fight against mosquitos.

Palm Beach: A Place to Call Home – For Humans and Mosquitos

Platinum Mosquito Protection operates throughout South Florida, from the sandy beach towns near Miami-Dade County to the Florida Everglades. Residents and commercial property owners are some of our most grateful customers. Mosquitos are a fact of life in West Palm Beach throughout the year. Still, they make their mark on the human population in the aftermath of hurricanes and tropical storms. Usually, these weather events cause moderate to severe flooding. In the cooler portions of the day, the mosquito population swarms and attacks because they have easy access to the standing water they need to breed. It’s important to note that most species of mosquitos have a short lifespan – as short as seven days – so they require a constant source of standing water to do so. While clogged gutters and other havens support their growth outside of hurricane season, storm waters give them ample opportunities to multiply and spread disease.

Get Proactive Against Miami Mosquitos with Our Solutions

Like Palm Beach, Miami is a beautiful, ocean-adjacent place to live and visit. But be aware, mosquitos have the same idea. Miami poses considerable challenges to those who live there due to the high mosquito population. But you’re not powerless in the fight against mosquitos. Platinum Mosquito Protection offers mosquito misting systems that can keep mosquitos at bay throughout the year. Our solutions are useful during the non-hurricane season when mosquitos must rely on conventional sources of standing water, such as lakes or rain-filled gutters, to repopulate. But they’re especially useful during tropical storm season because mosquitos love the wet and humid conditions that follow destructive storms. A proactive approach can keep your skin and body free of these troublesome pests and help keep your business going. Even in one of the most flourishing markets for mosquitos, our commercial and residential services are designed for peak efficiency.

We’re Based in Davie, But Our Reach Extends to

Tampa, FL exposes residents to the kinds of storms that lead to mosquito-friendly conditions, and Lettuce Lake Regional Park is an abundant swampland that provides mosquitos with an evergreen area to breed and multiply. The city’s exposure to yearly tropical storms and hurricanes combine with the swamps to increase mosquito activity throughout the year. Platinum Mosquito Protection wants to help businesses and residential property owners manage the conditions. We don’t advise our clients to trust citronella candles or other popularly-marketed solutions. Not only are they ineffective, but they can do more harm than good. The best way to fight mosquitos is through a highly-targeted, human-safe approach using a timed chemical spray. We offer free consultations, so if the Tampa mosquito population is getting you down, call today. We’ll give you an on-site estimate.

Mosquito Misting Systems for Homes and Businesses

Not only do Miami, and West Palm Beach residents deal with year-round mosquitos – all of them do. Florida cities were built on swamp grounds. Factor in our pleasant tropical climate, and we have to make peace with mosquitos in our midst. But that doesn’t mean we have to welcome their bites. Our experts understand how to repel mosquitos, and our misting systems are why so many homes and businesses don’t experience the same mosquito problems others do. Our services include:

  • Home Misting Systems: Our home misting systems use two chemicals to combat the mosquito population: natural pyrethrum and permethrin. Pyrethrum is a flower-based substance, and our suppliers derive permethrin from pyrethrum, making it an effective weapon against mosquitos. More importantly, we’re capable of installing our systems without disrupting daily life or marring your landscaping or home décor. Depending on where the mosquitos breed, we might install the system on eaves or balconies, or near the patio, gazebo, walkways, or courtyards you and your children enjoy. We offer a free, no-obligation estimate, so there’s no risk in contacting us today.
  • Commercial Misting Systems: All businesses should do what they can to keep their employees and customers free from the hassle, and risk mosquitos pose. In the past, we’ve installed commercial misting systems on commercial properties of all kinds. We’ve helped eateries establish comfortable dining areas for BBQ and Cuban food. And there’s nothing like serving Manhattans, Mai Tais, and old-fashioned American beer in a mosquito-free zone.
  • Equine Misting Systems: Many of our customers own horses and farmland that rests near lakes, ponds, creeks, and other water bodies. While horseback riding is a favorite pastime for those clients, horse ownership does expose you to an increase of mosquitos and ticks. Barns, in particular, attract mosquitos in droves due to your horses’ drinking water. We can install equine misting systems that prevent mosquitos from invading the stable. The mist is made from the same safe hybrid of natural and synthetic chemicals as we use in our commercial and residential applications.
  • Misting System Installation: Before we sell a misting system for your property, we perform an exhaustive investigation of any potential vulnerabilities on your property. For instance, we’ll check for frequently-flooded areas and investigate the condition of your gutters and eaves. Thoroughly checking every aspect of your property allows us to place the misting systems in the right location. Once we finish, we provide you with a written estimate. If you decide to move forward, you can count on an efficient installation system that follows the written estimate to a “T.”
  • Misting System Repairs and Maintenance: You’ll need to refill your misting system’s concoction frequently, but the responsibility won’t fall on you. We estimate how much your reservoir needs to mist your property to keep mosquitos at bay and then devise a set schedule for refills. Our goal is to make the maintenance, repair, and refill processes as easy as possible, so you can focus on other things. This service is especially beneficial for commercial clients.

Contact Platinum Mosquito Protection Today to Get Started

Don’t resign yourself to constant itchy mosquito bites! Your home or business can be a haven from the mosquito population of South Florida. Platinum Mosquito Protection has years of experience providing straightforward and honest services to our clients in Broward, Monroe, and Palm Beach Counties. Contact us today to get started.

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