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South Florida’s Source for Mosquito Control Systems

Platinum Mosquito Protection’s Misting Systems

Throughout the summer, South Florida residents require mosquito control that efficiently and consistently repels mosquitos. Mosquitos are active and aggressive throughout the year due to our tropical climate, so homeowners and commercial property owners must do what they can to prevent bites. Why? Because mosquito bites are more than a nuisance – they can be deadly. For instance, mosquito species prevalent in our region can carry diseases like malaria, dengue fever, Zika virus, yellow fever, and more. Many property owners have invested in citronella candles and significant amounts of DEET bug sprays, hoping to ward off the bloodsuckers that create itchy bites and health dangers. But those solutions are rarely effective enough to make a dent. At Platinum Mosquito Protection, we want to make sure you’re safe. We’ll cover why these solutions aren’t solutions at all, and how you can permanently eliminate mosquitos from the equation – for good.

DEET Bug Sprays: An Unnecessary Cost

How many times have you covered every inch of your exposed skin with bug spray, only to wake the next morning with mosquito bites? Mosquito repellent solutions are supposed to work. What’s the good in investing in bug spray that costs money and doesn’t deliver results? Why do DEET bug sprays fail to live up to their billing as efficient bug repellents? Several factors keep human beings uncomfortable, itchy, and exposed to dangerous diseases and ailments:

  • Mosquitos Adapt to the Chemicals: Mosquitos might look like dumb, simple creatures. But that’s not necessarily true. Scientific studies have shown that while DEET bug sprays do repel mosquitos on the first pass, they aren’t efficiently later because the mosquitos adapt to the chemicals. Laboratory tests applied bug sprays to a human arm and exposed it to mosquitos. At first, the pests avoided the arm. However, subsequent tests – with the same mosquitos – were less effective. So, if mosquitos can adjust, then what’s the point?
  • DEET Chemicals Don’t Mask Our Scent: Mosquitos find their meals by sniffing for human scents – especially sweat. Numerous studies have demonstrated the chemicals in DEET bug sprays are uncomfortable for mosquitos, but not so much to pass up a meal. For instance, researches at the University of Wisconsin discovered that vitamin B – the element that supposedly repels mosquitos – isn’t as effective as believed.
  • Bug Spray Costs Add Up: The most effective bug sprays cost between $10 to $15. Most South Floridians use significant amounts of the spray throughout the year, making trips to the store to buy more spray an escalating expense. You might not notice the impact on your budget, but it’s there nonetheless. Bug spray is not only mostly inefficient, but it’s also an unneeded expense.
  • DEET Chemicals Require Further Study: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) both approve the use of DEET chemicals while recommending that users apply the spray according to directions. However, high exposure to DEET has killed the brain cells of rats in laboratory settings. While there is no known correlation to illness in humans, no studies demonstrate what the acceptable level of DEET is for humans.

Don’t Place Your Trust in Citronella Chemicals

While few studies demonstrate any dangers with citronella candles, property owners shouldn’t place their trust in the candles to ward off mosquitos. The reason? Citronella candles first attract mosquitos and only sometimes deter them from flying elsewhere. These candles give off heat, carbon dioxide, and moisture, which mosquitos use to lead them to sources of blood. Some of the reasons why citronella is an ineffective mosquito repellent include:

  • They Aren’t Strong Enough: Studies show that citronella oil – the primary ingredient in the candles – does appear to contain at least some natural mosquito repellents. But mosquitos are fervent and crafty critters. They don’t live long, and their short life cycle places a premium on laying eggs. To do so, the female mosquito must feast on blood. Therefore, only a genuinely massive deterrent will keep them from fulfilling their evolutionary instincts. Citronella candles don’t get the job done. You’d experience the same effects from the house candle you just purchased from Bed, Bath, and Beyond! Instead of pouring money into ineffective solutions, trust Platinum Mosquito Protection scientifically-based services.
  • They Won’t Contain Aedes aegypti: Aedes aegypti is one of the most widespread and dangerous species found in South Florida – potentially spreading everything from the Zika virus to yellow fever. They’re found in every city in the South Florida region due to the network of swamps and frequent flooding due to hurricanes, tropical storms, and heavy rains. Unfortunately, they’re also stubborn, difficult to control, and highly aggressive. Once they’ve caught your scent, nothing will stop them from finding and biting your skin. The last characteristic is why citronella candles won’t keep them away from a meal.
  • Citronella Candles are Unregulated: The makers of citronella registered the substance as a gnat and mosquito repellent in 1948. In the 1990s, the EPA stated the candles posed minimal risk to those who used them. Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, the EPA also stopped regulating all citronella candles sold on the market. As a result, there’s no guarantee the citronella candles that line your backyard or patio are 100 percent safe to you, your family, or customers. We recommend contacting our mosquito control experts to discover the benefits of more robust and proven techniques.
  • They Don’t Work for Very Long: At first, mosquitos might fly away from a lit citronella candle. But here’s what you need to know. Almost every mosquito species is a weak flier and can’t stray far from their nesting and breeding areas. That means the same mosquito that turned away from the citronella candle at 6 p.m. must return at some point or die. That’s where trouble enters. Studies have shown that after as little as 30 minutes, the impact of the candle on the mosquitos dramatically decreases, which renders them utterly useless as anything other than outdoor décor. Once that happens, they’re free to enter the perimeter and begin biting.

Our Premium Mosquito Control Systems

So, how can Platinum Mosquito Protection help? Our team researched the fault of commonly-used mosquito repellents and searched for new ways of keeping them from your home or business. We offer tried and true misting systems to residential and commercial property owners. These misting systems use a natural substance found in flowers and another synthetically derived from that flower. They work in combination with hoses and nozzles to produce timed bursts of mist. The mist is the best way to keep mosquitos from your backyard, commercial property, and horse stable. We pride ourselves on our dedication to customer service and product and service quality. We offer:

  • Home Misting Systems: If you can’t seem to enjoy a quiet evening on the patio with friends and family without ravenous mosquitos biting your guests, then give us a call. Our misting systems are perfect for homeowners who are tired of scratching itches and exposing themselves to dangerous illnesses. And don’t worry: We know how to install our products subtly, so your exterior décor isn’t disturbed.
  • Commercial Misting Systems: Commercial property owners should be just as invested in removing mosquitos from their locations are homeowners. Your customers and employees will thank you for doing so. Mosquitos can drive mosquito patrons away and into the arms of your competitors who have found efficient ways of deterring mosquitos.
  • Equine Misting Systems: Horses are a target for mosquitos, just as humans are. And they are also vulnerable to horse-specific illnesses that can cause them pain and death. Equine misting systems can create mosquito-free stables and barns and protect your horses.
  • Misting System Installation: We’re not going to sell you a misting system and leave you to figure out the installation on your own. First, we provide you with the estimate. If you decide to move forward, our team will schedule a time to install the misting system.
  • Misting System Maintenance: Our misting systems require regular maintenance, but we take care of it. For instance, we’ll calculate how frequently you’ll need a refill of the reservoirs that contain the mosquito misting solution and swing by when it’s time.

We Offer Free Estimates and Superior Products

Rather than wasting money purchasing bug spray or time installing useless citronella candles, make a worthwhile investment. Platinum Mosquito Protection offers free estimates, which we use to educate you about our product and investigate your property status. For instance, we know where to look for problem areas. During the estimate, our team finds places where mosquitos are likely to breed and multiply. That’s where we’ll install our misting systems. We can do so in shrubs, tree lines, under eaves, near fences, and more. The result is an impenetrable wall no mosquito will dare cross. Contact us today to schedule your estimate and begin your journey to a mosquito-free existence!

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