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Install a Mosquito Misting System at Your South Florida Home

Make Your Backyard a Mosquito-Free Zone

Mosquitos are not a welcome visitor in your backyard, but they show up anyway, creating a nuisance and putting your family’s health at risk. These pesky insects are often carriers for many types of viruses and infectious diseases. Wouldn’t it be great if you had an effective way to control their presence? Platinum Mosquito Protection is here to provide a solution that does just that with our mosquito misting systems for South Florida homeowners. We want you and your family to be able to enjoy your outdoor space without the risk of being bothered by mosquitos. If you’d like to learn more about creating a mosquito-free zone in your backyard, please contact us today!

What are My Options for Mosquito Control?

With mosquito populations on the rise, many homeowners are looking for a cost-effective way to protect their outdoor spaces from these insects. You have three main options to choose from when it comes to mosquito control treatments. While the team at Platinum Mosquito Protection believes misting systems make the most effective mosquito repellent option, we want to provide you with information on all three, so you can come to that conclusion on your own. We’ll show you how the three most popular mosquito treatment systems stack up against one another, so you can make an informed decision about which to use at your South Florida home. The three most common treatment options are:

  • Misting Systems: This type of system uses strategically placed misting heads throughout your outdoor space. The misting heads are programmed to automatically release a product into the air that will kill any present mosquitos. A misting system works automatically every day, with the homeowner scheduling the time that the product is released. You can choose to program it to operate as little or as often as you need it. The product is stored in a tank until it is released by the misting heads.
  • Mosquito Fogging: Fogging treatments use heated products to eliminate any adult mosquitos that are in its path. The products do not remain in the air for an extended period of time and do not affect the treatment area after the fogging. This type of treatment is meant to be a short-term solution for eliminating active mosquitos and is often done by the homeowner themselves.
  • Barrier Treatment: This type of treatment is completed by a certified pest control technician approximately every three weeks. A technician will come to your home and administer the treatment, which is designed to break the life cycle of mosquitos by completely removing any adult mosquitos as well as developing larvae.

What is the Range of Each Treatment Option?

Because the three main mosquito treatments use different methods to control mosquito populations, the range they cover also varies. In misting systems, each misting head reaches approximately a 10-12 foot radius so you’ll need multiple heads to effectively treat your entire yard. Our team will help you with the mosquito misting system installation process, choosing the best places to install each head and will instruct you on the best way to set your timer and operate your system. The fogging method only eliminates adults directly in its path very briefly, making this method is a good option if you have a special event or backyard party approaching. A barrier treatment will cover the entire yard during the treatment but is administered only every three weeks or so.

How Long is Each Treatment Effective?

If you’re investing in a mosquito control system, you want to be sure it’s going to produce continued results at your South Florida property. Our team will help you program your misting system to get the most out of each spray. Every mist from a misting system will eliminate mosquitos for about two hours, but we’ll program the system to spray multiple times a day, mostly during dawn and dusk when mosquitos are most active. We can even focus the primary activity to be during the hours when you’re most likely to be out enjoying your yard. A fogging treatment will eliminate mosquitos only during the duration of the treatment. Lastly, a barrier treatment will last approximately three weeks, but will need to be repeated after this time to continue to provide the best results. This means you’ll need to pay a technician to visit your home every three weeks if you choose a barrier treatment and will not have any extra protection between visits.

What Does Each System Eliminate?

Are you curious about what each type of mosquito control system is designed to eliminate? While the obvious purpose of every system is to effectively eliminate mosquitos, each system will produce somewhat different results. A misting system will kill and repel all active adult mosquitos within the range of each misting head. These systems can also help to control other pesky insects, such as flies. A barrier treatment will not only eliminate adult mosquitos but also mosquito larvae, helping to prevent future adults from emerging.

How Much Do Mosquito Control Systems Cost?

As a homeowner, you’re likely always on the hunt for the most cost-effective solutions to implement at your home. When it comes to controlling mosquitos, we wouldn’t expect it to be any different. Platinum Mosquito Protection is here to help you find an affordable method to eliminate pesky mosquitos from your backyard. While a misting system does require an upfront installation cost, there’s little to worry about once the system is operational. Your system will need to undergo periodic maintenance and refill, but after the installation, these are the only two expenses. Barrier treatments, on the other hand will require frequent costs, as you’ll be required to pay a technician every three weeks when needing a new treatment.

Why Are Misting Systems the Best Choice?

At Platinum Mosquito Protection, we believe that a misting system is the best choice to control mosquitos on your property. Don’t allow these pesky insects to take over your outdoor space, forcing your family to stay indoors. Instead, let our team outfit your property with a backyard mosquito control system. These systems will automatically spray the area, so you don’t have to complete any treatment yourself. All you’ll need to do is tell us the schedule you prefer, we’ll program the system accordingly, and you can forget all about it. We believe that misting systems are the superior choice for the following reasons:

  • Less Work: Treating your home for other types of bugs could mean added work to your outdoor chores. Our misting systems do all the work of eliminating mosquitos without any effort on your part. All you have to do is call our team for installation, and we’ll handle the rest.
  • Automatic Operation: A misting system continues doing the work even when you aren’t present. This allows for continuing protection, even if you are not around.
  • Customizable Solution: Every home is different, which means every home will need a unique system for mosquito control. Maybe you have one area of your yard where mosquitos are more active. Or perhaps you have the most problems with mosquitos during the evening hours. We can customize your misting system to address all these issues effectively.

Our Misting Systems Are for More than Just Homes

Homeowners aren’t the only ones who suffer from an overpopulation of mosquitos. Commercial spaces and animal housings also have to deal with this nuisance every day. Platinum Mosquito Protection can install misting systems designed for single family homes as well as larger commercial properties. If you’re tired of dealing with pesky mosquitos and the risks associated with them, we’re the team to call. We’ll help you develop an effective solution for all the following locations:

  • Homes: Reclaim your backyard and make sure your family is able to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about mosquito bites.
  • Commercial Properties: Ensure the comfort of your outdoor patios, restaurants or concert venues with the help of one of our misting systems. We’ll ensure your guests enjoy a mosquito-free night.
  • Equine Stables: Mosquitos are a nuisance to animals, too. Our misting system will keep mosquitos and flies away from your animals, so they don’t have to deal with the annoyance any longer.

Contact Us for Additional Information

Are you ready to say so long to mosquitos in your backyard? The team at Platinum Mosquito Protection is here to help you protect your home and Reclaim Your Backyard. We’ll develop a misting system that works for the needs of your family or business, planning the proper placement of misting heads and an appropriate misting schedule. Our goal is to help you eliminate the nuisance and health risks brought on by mosquito overpopulation, and installation of our misting systems will do just that. Please contact us today if you have any questions about our services, or if you want to schedule a consultation at your South Florida property.

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