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Reason Why Mosquitos Want to Bite You

Nope, it has nothing to do with your blood type

Why do I get chewed up by mosquitos every time I’m outside, but my spouse, friends, co-workers, etc. don’t?

It’s a question people have been asking forever. Maybe it’s because they drink beer or it’s due to the amount of carbon dioxide they emit. Or possibly it’s because they have a blood type mosquitos really like. The answer actually has to do with how much someone sweats.

The truth is, while all of the above could be reasons why some folks are more likely to get chewed up than others, there’s another factor that probably plays a much bigger role: microbiota.

What is microbiota?

It may be kind of icky to think about, but our skin, pores, and hair follicles are full of non-pathogenic (harmless) bacteria and fungi called microbiota. How much exactly? It is estimated that for every square centimeter of skin, we have 1 millimeter of bacteria, and this can consist of hundreds of different species.

How do we get this microbiota?

Just like pretty much everything else in life, microbiota is heavily influenced by our environment, particularly where we live and what we eat and drink. In addition, what we touch and even what we use to wash can contribute to microbiota. Genetics can also play a part when it comes to our microbiota.

Why is it about microbiota that’s so alluring to mosquitos?

Our microbiota produces an odor, and although we can’t detect it, mosquitos can. They have an extremely sensitive sense of smell, and this means that they can distinguish microbiota between different people. For example, sweat by itself doesn’t produce an odor, so it may not actually attract mosquitos. However, when combined with microbes living on the skin, this could result in an aroma they won’t be able to resist. And when mosquitos find the best-smelling stuff, they’ll go in for a snack.

What can I do about my desirable microbiota?

Unless you want to dramatically alter your lifestyle by moving or changing your diet (which may not actually result in microbiota mosquitos don’t like), there’s not much you can do about it. Fortunately, there are less drastic tactics for keeping mosquitos away. Dressing properly – including avoiding dark colors – can be helpful. And because they need stagnant water to lay their eggs, you should periodically take a look around your yard to make sure nothing is collecting rainwater. You can also use a mosquito’s great sense of smell against it by planting things like catnip or lemon balm because of their strong fragrance.

A misting system makes things simple

Even if you have the sweetest-smelling microbiota on the block, there’s a pretty easy way to help ensure mosquitos don’t come calling. A control system allows you to set it and forget it. Once installed, it automatically emits a repellent that will keep these buggers off your property. The even better news is that it will also ward off ticks, fleas, gnats, and other annoying biters. You’ll never have to worry about being a smorgasbord for any insects when you go outside.

Want to make 2019 a bite-free year at your home? Platinum Mosquito Protection can make it happen. To schedule your free onsite consultation to discuss your mosquito misting system, just send us a message through our online contact form.

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