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Wooden Chairs in Yard

It’ll look so much nicer once this stuff is gone

Our lives are filled with stuff. Even if we don’t intend to collect it, it just seems to accumulate anyway. Plus, it builds up so fast. If you take a look around your home, there are probably lots of things you have now that you didn’t have this time last year.

While there’s nothing wrong with replacing old items or trading up, keeping things that don’t work or you never use could become a problem. This is especially true when it comes to your home’s exterior. Your outdoor stuff has nowhere to hide. If you have any of these things lying around your yard, it’s time to clean them out.

Old paint/stain/sealer cans

Even after finishing painting your garage or staining your deck, surely you have some old cans sitting around somewhere. In addition to being an eyesore, these cans could pose a danger to children or animals. But don’t just toss them in the garbage; you should inquire with local authorities into how to dispose of them properly.

Broken tools or equipment

We all have those items in our homes that don’t work anymore or don’t work quite as they should, but because maybe they could be repaired (and might have been expensive) we don’t want to get rid of them. But if you’ve been hanging on to something for a long time – and particularly if you’ve gotten a replacement for it – the time has come to chuck it.

Worn out lawn furniture

Because it’s constantly exposed to the elements, lawn furniture won’t last forever. If yours is looking worn or shabby, you have a couple of choices. You can see if it’s worth repairing – either by yourself or somebody else – or get some new items. If it’s in decent condition and may be considered vintage, selling it is another option.

Kids stuff

When’s the last time your kids played on that swing set in the yard, or their once-cherished little playhouse? These things may look cute and give you fond memories, but now they’re just taking up space – space you could use for something else. It’s possible you have other kiddie items in your yard too, like a trampoline or any number of toys. Again, if this stuff is in good shape, you might want to think about putting it up for sale.

Old hot tub

When you moved into your home, that backyard hot tub may have been one of the features you liked the best … but fast-forward a decade or two, and it might just be collecting dust or spider webs. And if you’re not using it, what’s the point in having it?

Your lawn

Tired of seeing that brown, crusty lawn every time you go outside? Keeping a pristine, green lawn takes a lot of work (not to mention money), so it may not be worth it anymore. Fortunately, the grass isn’t the only game in town, as there are many other choices, including pea gravel, permeable paving, and even artificial turf. Not having to constantly water your lawn may make monetary sense, and it will also make you a conservationist.

Pots and containers

Sometimes those decorative pots at the hardware store are hard to resist, and we always insist we’ll use them for some beautiful plants, but often they just end up as nothing more than rain receptacles. The problem is that any standing water can attract mosquitos; it’s where they lay their eggs. If you don’t want to get rid of your containers, you should at least inspect them regularly and tip out the water when it accumulates.

Once you’ve cleaned up your yard, you’ll be amazed at how much nicer it looks. And to further keep your property free of mosquitos and other biting insects, there’s something you should consider adding: a misting system. For a free onsite consultation from a bug-killing expert, get in touch with Platinum Mosquito Protection.

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