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family having lunch in the garden

You’ll want to get your grill ready for these fun days.

If you love nothing more than firing up your grill, this is certainly your time of year. We’re in the heart of barbecue season, and chances are you’ve already cooked up your share of burgers, dogs, and steaks. But if you enjoy being the host for these parties, you may lament the fact that there just aren’t too many holidays that lend themselves to backyard shindigs. Sure, you can grill anytime, but it’s more fun when it’s a special day. And while you may be gearing up for July 4th, that doesn’t have to be the apex of your grilling extravaganzas. Here are nine holidays that give you a great reason to put your apron on and grab your spatula:

Swim a Lap Day – June 24

If you have a pool, this day gives you the perfect opportunity to throw a pool party. Just make sure your pool is ready for guests. It may be time to make some fun new additions.

Sunglasses Day – June 27

Here’s another one that’s a little self-explanatory. Most of your guests will probably come with their own sunglasses, but you can supply them with some fun pairs or come up with other clever ways to use them.

National Fried Chicken Day – July 6

Okay, so you can’t exactly use a grill to fry chicken, but nobody’s going to complain when you hand them a plate of delicious food. Use these tips to grill up the tastiest grilled chicken dishes.

Chocolate Day – July 7

Not every party has to involve your grill; perhaps on this day, you can just have one celebrating the amazingness of chocolate with desserts galore. But even if you don’t want to ignore your grill completely, you do have some sweet options.

Teddy Bear Picnic Day – July 10

If you have a bunch of kids and/or your guests do, you can encourage the kiddies to bring their Teddy Bears (or any favorite dolls) over for a fun backyard picnic.

National Ice Cream Day – July 16

Speaking of kids, if they knew about this day, it would probably be right up there with Christmas for their favorite day of the year. But having an ice cream social in your yard will be fun for everyone. Just keep these tips in mind.

National Hot Dog Day – July 23

If there’s ever a day to throw a barbecue, it has to be this one. While you’ll, of course, want to have hot dogs on the menu, you don’t have to stop there. They can just be the appetizer for whatever else you want to grill.

National Watermelon Day – August 3

Here’s another day that just screams for a backyard party. Watermelon by itself is pretty delicious, but there are things you can do to make it even more interesting. Watermelon pizza, anyone?

Relaxation Day – August 15

While you may work up a sweat manning the grill, parties should be relaxing, and this day is a great reminder. Once the food is cooked, and your guests are taken care of, don’t forget to take a load off!

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