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friends having lunch around BBQ

Just because summer’s over doesn’t mean your grilling has to be

Hopefully, over the last few months, you were able to enjoy the summer. Perhaps you took a family vacation, spent a lot of time lounging in or around the pool, or – and maybe best of all – did so much grilling it felt like you had your own show on the Food Network.

Now that summer has ended and the ol’ work and school routine have started again, you may not have as much time or energy to don your apron and brandish your tongs. But don’t just dream about next summer; while you may not be able to grill as much now, you can get more out of each experience with these tips:

Trade in your gas grill

Hank Hill was a sage about a lot of things – like football and home maintenance – but grilling was not one of them. Now, there’s nothing wrong with a gas grill, but most pros believe they shouldn’t be used, as the smoke adds to the flavor of the meat.

Be sure the fire’s out

Lighter fluid is a good way to get the fire started with your charcoal, but don’t put any meat on the grill until the fire is completely out. This is because as long as there is fire, not all of the lighter fluid has been burned away, and you’ll taste it in your food. When the charcoal is gray and glowing red at the bottom – which should take about 30 minutes – you’ll know it’s ready.

Stop the micromanaging

You and your fellow eaters may be itching to start going to town on the delicious meat you’re cooking, but it’s important to be patient. Things like brisket and ribs can take several hours to be done, so you just need to keep the lid down and let them cook. Remember that every time you check on their progress, you’ll be cooling them off.

Keep the air circulating

In order for meat to cook properly, it needs to have adequate space to let the air flow around it. Other than the grill itself, it shouldn’t touch anything, including other meat or anything else you’re cooking.

Let the juices stay inside

While grilling, do you do a lot of poking with a fork? If you want to keep things nice and juicy, that’s a no-no. Use a spatula or tongs to turn the meat. Also, when you take it off the grill, let it sit for at least a couple of minutes and don’t cut it until it’s ready to be served. This will help ensure it won’t dry out.

It may not have the same reputation as summer, but fall is a great time to grill, especially in Florida. And if you’re looking to do more than the usual dogs and burgers, check out these tasty recipes.

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