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3 friends watching a movie

With just a little work, you could be watching films al fresco in no time

Hollywood may not produce the most diverse types of movies anymore (did we really need another Spider-Man reboot?), but good movies do come out all the time. And aside from new releases, online streaming sites give us access to thousands of titles dating back decades. It’s safe to say that movie watching has never been easier.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with firing up the Internet or popping in a DVD and sitting back on the couch, that’s not always the most ideal viewing experience. Instead, why not create your own theater? And no, we’re not talking about some big renovation project that involves installing seats with cup holders in your spare bedroom; this is a much simpler project that can be done in your backyard.

What you need for a backyard movie theater

Before you can start showing flicks in your yard and having the neighbors wondering what all the commotion is about (and why they weren’t invited), you’ll need to think about a few things.

The screen

There are a few different ways to go here. If you plan on making outdoor movies a regular thing, you could buy a screen, like this inflatable one. If you consider yourself pretty handy with tools, you may want to build one. But if you want the cheapest and easiest option, all you really need is a white sheet, which can be hung on a clothesline or on the side of your house.

The projector

You’ll definitely want to get a good projector for quality picture quality. Again, if the theater will become a permanent fixture, it will probably be worth going with more of a high-end projector. There are also a number of inexpensive models available.

Sound system

To get the full effect of your theater, you’ll definitely need a solid sound system. And here’s the good news: If you already have a stereo, you could probably use those speakers. This will save you time and money. But if you do want to spring for top-tier speakers, there are plenty available.SeatingOnce the screen, projector, and speakers are set up, you need to think about seating. Lawn chairs are always good, but even if you don’t have any – or enough for everyone – forget the chairs; just set up some blankets and pillows and you’ll be all set.

The finishing touches

You can’t enjoy a movie without the right snacks, right? Be sure to have plenty of popcorn, candy, and drinks on hand for you and your guests. And to ensure everyone stays nice and comfy, don’t forget about keeping pesky insects away. Bug spray is helpful, but there’s a better way to do it. An automatic misting system will make sure mosquitos and other annoying biting insects don’t ruin your movie night.

Interested in having a misting system put in before your theater opens? Get in touch with Platinum Mosquito Protection for a free onsite consultation. Send us a message through our online contact form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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