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Girl playing in backyard
They’ll put down their devices when you add any of these “apps” to your yard

Being a parent isn’t easy. And while moms and dads from all generations have had their challenges, these days the job is uniquely tougher thanks in large part to smartphones, tablets, and all of those other electrical devices.

It used to be that when kids would go play, they’d actually leave the house and spend time outdoors. Now, more often than not, playing involves just turning things on and staring at a screen. So, how do you get your kids to exercise more than just their thumbs? You have to give them incentives to venture outside, and any of these will do the trick nicely:

The classics

There are some backyard elements that never go out of style. A tree house, for example, is always a great addition to a yard. This gives kids their own little clubhouse or sanctuary. And when you add swings, a trapdoor, or other features, this will make it even more fun, for them and the neighbor kids.

Another staple is a trampoline. Even kids that are not typically that active can’t help but gravitate to a trampoline and spend hours bouncing. And if you are concerned about safety, many trampolines now come with special enclosures and other safety measures.

Oldies but goodies

A great way to not only get kids outside but active is to set up games. If you’ve got the time and talent, there are a number of games you can build (giant Connect Four, anyone?), but thinking a little more old school can be much easier. Horseshoes, bocce ball, and maybe even croquet are all fun games that don’t require a lot of equipment or time to set up. Each of them is also good for multiple players, which means the whole family can get involved.

Something new

If you’re looking for something nobody on your street – and possibly the entire neighborhood – has in their backyard, we’ve got two suggestions for you. The first is your own mini-golf course. Even if you don’t have a huge yard, there’s probably enough room for a few holes. And the beauty of a mini-golf course is that you can make it as simple or professional-grade as you like.

The other idea that will surely make all of your guests jealous is an obstacle course. If your kids enjoy watching shows like American Ninja Warrior, why not build a course for your own budding ninjas? There are a lot of DIY options that will let you create something fun and challenging.

No matter what you add to your yard, the point is to make it fun so your kids will be encouraged to leave the house once in a while. And to ensure that they won’t be bothered by mosquitos when they do, you can count on a misting system from Platinum Mosquito Protection. For a free consultation, reach us through our online contact form.

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