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A group of friends drinking and eating in the backyard

Instead of the same old games, you always play, here are some new ones to try

With summer officially here, it’s time to start thinking about all of the usual summertime goodness, like sipping lemonade, swinging in a hammock, and perhaps sipping lemonade while swinging in a hammock. And of course, you can’t forget about backyard parties.

If you love having friends or family over for a barbecue or perhaps just for drinks, you probably have a game or two ready to go. But instead of corn hole or horseshoes or another game that you’ve played a hundred times, maybe you’re ready for something new. Here are a few ideas, and the best part is that with a little ingenuity, you can make everything yourself.


Now, everybody has probably played regular Twister or is at least familiar with the game. But this backyard version is a lot more fun. To create the game board, just use spray paint to make circles in whatever colors you like, and you can make the spinner out of cardboard. Or, if you have the game on hand, just steal the spinner from the box.

Water cup races

You know that carnival game where you shoot water into a clown’s mouth (or whatever) to inflate a balloon or move something from one place to another? Well, now you can create your own game with just some plastic cups, string, and water pistols.


This one may take a little work to get ready, but it will be worth it once you’ve turned your lawn into a huge Scrabble board. You will need several dozen wood squares and some paint to create the tiles, but once that’s done, you’ll just have to do your thinking cap!


Another classic game, this version of Kerplunk involves a tomato cage, PVC pipe, and those plastic balls you can find in ball pits. If it’s a hot day or you don’t mind getting a little wet, you can replace the balls with water balloons.

Connect Four

Okay, this one will require some carpentry skills, as you’re essentially construction a life-size Connect Four. If you don’t have these skills and/or tools, but you still want to build it, perhaps the friends or family members you were going to invite over anyway can help you do it.

If you want this summer to be a particularly fun one at your house, think about adding these or some other DIY games to your repertoire. And to make sure you and all of your guests have a great time and won’t have to worry about mosquitos or other annoying bugs, contact Platinum Mosquito Protection. We will set up a misting system in your yard that will keep insects away and allow you to enjoy your games without the bites. For a free consultation, just fill out our online form.

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