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Mosquito below a leaf

The answer may surprise you

From a fairly early age, we are taught that everything in nature has a purpose. Altering or eliminating even a small thing, we are told, could end up having a severe impact somewhere else. But is this always the case?

If you’ve ever been bitten by a mosquito, in the time between the expletive you may have uttered and when the bite started to itch, you probably wondered why we even have to deal with these pesky bugs anymore. And you’re certainly not alone.

With deaths from malaria and Zika on the rise, people are beginning to speculate about what life would be like without mosquitos. So, if mosquitos were gone, what kind of an effect would this have?


There are over 3,500 species of mosquitos, and they inhabit nearly every corner of the globe. And while they serve as pollinators and prey, their loss may ultimately not have a huge impact. Many scientists believe that the gap left by mosquitos would quickly be filled.“

If we eradicated them tomorrow, the ecosystems where they are active will hiccup and then get on with life,” said entomologist Joe Conlon.


A lot of creatures eat mosquitos, including many fish, birds, and lizards, which means that they would have to change their diets in order to survive. Because feeding behavior is imprinted genetically, this could be difficult. However, it’s possible that new insects will just take the place of mosquitos.


While nature is certainly important, the whole getting rid of mosquitos quandary basically boils down to this question: Do they provide anything good to us as humans? The short answer is no. It’s true that many plant species would lose pollinators, but the crops we depend on wouldn’t be affected.“If there was a benefit to having them around, we would have found a way to exploit them,” said medical entomologist Janet McAllister. “We haven’t wanted anything from mosquitoes except for them to go away.”

The bottom line

Almost certainly, the world would feel the impact of not having mosquitos, but a lot of people believe it would mostly be positive. Because so much time, money, and energy are spent on combating the disease they cause, a mosquito-free world could be a great thing.

Although options like gene editing are being talked about when it comes to mosquitos, these pests are going to be around for a long time. This is why you need the right tools to ensure they don’t harm you. A misting system from Platinum Mosquito Protection will keep you and your family safe. It can be installed quickly and is simple to use. For a free on-site consultation, just fill out our online form to start living a life without mosquitos – at least in your backyard or business.

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