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Outdoor BBQ

Because some states still see “summer” all year. And Florida is one of them.

One of the best parts about living in South Florida is that the outdoor fun never stops. While the rest of the country is freezing, up to their ankles in icy snow, we’re still hitting the beach in our bathing suits. (Okay, we’ll admit that’s a little bit of a stretch. Truthfully, we get pretty chilly once it drops below 70 degrees around these parts). But you get the point.

But we can still spend time outside, enjoying some fine, mild weather, while the rest of the country looks on in envy. That means there’s almost no limit to what we get to do: running around the backyard, playing outdoor sports, and firing up the grill, anyone? If that sounds like a good plan, you’ll need a few good recipes to go along with it. Here are some uniquely delicious dishes to help you enjoy your backyard BBQ here in South Florida this winter:

1. Grilled cheese (but no, not what you’re thinking of)

We’ve all had a classic, toasted grilled cheese. But this isn’t that. What if we told you that you and all of your vegetarian friends can celebrate the flavor of grilled food without meat — cheese only? From barbecued brie to grilled Caprese skewers, PureWow is sharing creative cheese recipes you can serve straight from the grill this winter. And while this one isn’t exactly vegetarian, we’ve got our eyes on those bacon-wrapped pineapple mozzarellas rings.

2. Greek chicken kebabs with homemade tzatziki sauce

Classic kebabs are light, fresh, and full of flavor, and they’re a backyard BBQ favorite. But what if we told you that you can put a brand new spin on the kebab to make it even fresher, lighter, and more delicious? These Greek chicken kebabs by Cooking Classy bring you right to the middle of the Mediterranean with unique, bold flavors. It’s a new take on chicken kebabs.

3. Greek salad with avocado and pita chips

Speaking of Greek, a Greek salad is the perfect pairing to go with the creative kebabs we mentioned. OK, it isn’t quite grilled food, but every good BBQ needs to be balanced with great sides. You’ll thank Little Broken for this flavorful side dish with a different twist.

4. Spiced salmon kebabs

Since we’re on a kebab kick, let’s toss in another unique recipe from My Invisible Crown. Her spiced salmon kebabs are a new way to experience the dish. And, although kebabs tend to be pretty healthy in general, these salmon kebabs are an even better alternative, filled with heart-healthy omega-3s.

Protect yourself while enjoying your backyard

No matter what time of the year it is, it’s always the right time to enjoy the great outdoors here in Florida. But let’s be honest: the bugs are a pretty big deal down here. Don’t make the mistake of letting them take over your next get-together, ruining the fun for everyone.

Bust those pests with the help of Platinum Mosquito Protection. Our misting systems are effective against mosquitos and other backyard pests, and they run automatically, with little maintenance and no tank stirring required. Fill out our online contact form for a free on-site consultation and start living a life without mosquitos today.

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