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Mosquito biting a blue surface

Find out what some scientists want to do

Mosquitos certainly have a bad rap, and in most cases, it is well deserved. After all, they are the deadliest animal – not just insect – in the world, and were responsible for taking about half-a-million lives just in 2015.

But the bigger picture is more complicated: The mosquitos killing people are only a very small percentage of their entire population. There are 3,500 known mosquito species, and the vast majority lives off of the plant and fruit nectar and have little interaction with humans.

It’s the female mosquitos from six percent of those 3,500 species that cause all of the problems because they are the ones that need blood to develop their eggs. And within that group of harmful mosquitos, about half carry parasites that cause diseases. But with the international spread of malaria and the Zika virus, it’s quite obvious how dangerous that small percentage is.

So, this begs the question: Should we figure out a way to get rid of these mosquitos? Or at least develop a way to mitigate their devastation? That’s what scientists are pondering right now, and one thing they’re thinking about is gene editing.

Through new technology, Aedes aegypti – the deadliest mosquito – could be programmed to develop as males and, over time, they would go extinct without any females to mate with. Eliminating any species often has a negative impact on the environment, but in this case, it may not because humans are their only food source. Even so, this is still a controversial subject and for the foreseeable future, we will still have to find other ways to deal with mosquitos.

Mosquitos aren’t going anywhere for a while, so you need to be prepared

If you are like most people in South Florida, you’re concerned about mosquitos and how they are spreading Zika. There are things you can do to keep these insects away from your home, and one of the best options is to install a misting system from Platinum Mosquito Protection.

Unlike other forms of mosquito control, once your misting system is set up, you can let it do all the work. It’s automatic, so you never have to worry that you forgot to turn it on. In addition, the insecticide we use in our misting system is based on Pyrethrum, which is derived from Chrysanthemums, and it has been proven to provide exceptional protection against many insects, including mosquitos.

While one day all of those disease-carrying mosquitos may be a thing of the past, for now, they are still a major problem. To help keep your home and family mosquito free, contact Platinum Mosquito Protection. Fill out our online contact form to get in touch with questions or to set up a free, onsite consultation.

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