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Kids having fun in backyard on Halloween day

Time for unforgettable Halloween fun!

If you haven’t started planning your Halloween party yet, then it’s time to get really serious, because the clock is winding down. Still trying to think of a few fun ideas for a spooky bash? We’ve got a few cute, creepy, and cool backyard games you can make to celebrate. Check them out below:

1. Temporary tattoo booth

If you really want an activity to keep the kids entertained, try a DIY temporary tattoo parlor. Buy a collection of creepy Halloween-themed temporary tattoos so they have a wide selection to choose from. Then, adults and kids alike can play each role in the parlor — the person administering the tattoos and the person getting them.

2. Tin can bowling

This DIY game is both easy and affordable. All you need are tin cans, a tennis ball, and paint to decorate! Paint Frankenstein, a mummy, spiders, and other creepy things on your cans, stack them and let the kids line up to knock them down. It’s super simple and tons of fun. Get the full directions here.

3. Pin the bowtie on the skeleton

A twist on an old favorite: How about pinning a fashionable bowtie on a friendly-looking skeleton? We love this idea! All you need is a roll of black paper or fabric and white paint, along with a cloth or paper bow. Then, paint your skeleton onto the material and apply double-stick tape to the back of the bow. Blindfold the little ones and let them try to tack his bowtie in place! Need the instructions? Get them here.

4. Witch hat ring toss

Everyone loves a good game of ring toss – and this Halloween-themed toss is adorable! Best of all, making this game is so fun, you can get the kids involved in the creative process. If you have a foam board and a party hat, you’ll be on your way to a new game in no time. Wondering what it takes to make this idea come to life? Find out how.

Make your backyard Halloween party the most fun this year

No matter what backyard games and other creepy things you decide to go with this year, make your Halloween party unforgettable in every way. And one of the best ways to do that here in South Florida is by making sure your guests have a good time – not fighting off those pesky mosquitos all evening.

Protect your party guests by installing a backyard misting system to help keep everyone comfortable and safe. Contact us today to get started!

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