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How they’re a danger – and why use a mosquito misting system

We understand if the mosquitos that come with the summer season can leave you feeling a bit, well, watch …

As entertaining as that is and as much as we all joke about the inconvenience that these pests cause us, we need to get serious for a second. Mosquitos this year are nothing to scoff at. That’s because a mosquito-borne illness is on the rise. Both in and out of the U.S., more people are coming to a greater understanding of what this threat actually means for their families and themselves. Let’s take a closer look at some ways you can reduce your risk of infection due to mosquitos:

1. Be fully aware of the risk

There are several mosquito-borne illnesses that have proven to be very dangerous under the right circumstances, including CHIKV, West Nile virus, and Zika. According to the Miami Herald, Florida has had over 258 confirmed cases of Zika already — and we’re just over a month into summer! These cases are believed to stem from travel to nearby parts of the world, but government authorities believe it’s only a matter of time before mosquitos carrying the virus migrate to the southern United States.

Not to mention that, here in South Florida, we experience warm weather year round. Meaning those mosquitos probably aren’t planning to go much of anywhere else come this fall. And, as you know, summer brings our rainy season, yet another increased risk for Zika and other mosquito-borne illnesses.

2. Be cognizant of the risks as you travel

On that note, it’s imperative that you’re careful where and when you travel — especially couples who are hoping to have children anytime soon (and those who aren’t planning to but still have the possibility). Be aware of which countries hold the highest risk before you take a trip.

And, unlike many viruses and illnesses, this warning goes out to both women and men. That’s because Zika can be transmitted to your partner.

3. Know: who is at greater risk?

Some people might be caught off guard when they realize there are groups of people who are at greater risk of contracting mosquito-borne illnesses and suffering greater consequences. And even though some might not be as greatly affected by them, they can be deadly in certain cases. That’s why we urge you to stay aware of all news and research as it unfolds.

Take the sad news story shared about Joe Tarrant. He recently contracted West Nile Virus — and had he had a healthy immune system, he likely would have been able to fight it off. “However, with his immune system suppressed by the anti-rejection drugs he took to protect his transplanted kidney, Joe couldn’t fight off the infection. He died in 2015 at age 55.”

A man simply enjoying time outside with his family turned into a tragedy when he was bitten by a West-Nile infected mosquito.

4. Find out what you can do to protect your family

The same tips as always will help protect your family and friends. Be sure to use the bug-repellant spray when spending time outside, especially for those at greater risk.

Always remove any standing bodies of water in your yard. That means bird baths, kiddie pools, and any still water source that can be a breeding ground for these dangerous pests. But even when you do your part, dumping out water can only go so far. If you live near mangrove marshes or your neighbors fail to take care of their standing water issues, your yard is still susceptible.

Finally, treating your yard to prevent mosquitos from being around your family in the first place is a great proactive measure. Sometimes you may go outside and forget to light the citronella candles or spray the kids in OFF. You need a more reliable solution. One of the easiest and most effective measures is a backyard misting system. It’s instant, automatic, and recurring to prevent mosquitos from taking over your yard and putting your family at risk.

Learn more about out our mosquito misting systems now and get that much closer to keeping your family safe from the dangers of mosquito-borne illness.

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