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Man showing stars to children with stargazing telescope
Fire Pits, Impromptu Campouts, and Other Great Ways to Close Out the Season

Ah, summer. The sun is out late, the weather is warm, and it is officially time for fun. In fact, summer is the perfect part of the year to spend the majority of your evenings outside, exploring and enjoying all that nature has to offer.

And if you’ve already got a great backyard, you have just the right place to enjoy your late summer evenings while hosting guests. But even if you don’t have a picture-perfect setup, there are some quick and easy fixes you can do to make your backyard fit for a king — and a great place to entertain your friends and family in the waning days (and nights) of the season.

1. Get a pool or find another way to keep everyone cool

With the warm weather here in South Florida, you’re going to need a few ways to keep your guests cool. Even after the sun goes down, you’re likely going to be battling some heat and humidity, which can make being outside uncomfortable. A solution? While most Floridians choose to beat the heat with a pool, there are other ways to keep from overheating – why not a cooling station with fans and water misting bottles? Anything you can do to stay crisp in this weather is a must!

2. Never go thirsty

You’ll need a selection of drinks for your guests to choose from when you’re spending an evening outside in the warm weather. And depending on their ages and preferences, you might want to – hint, hint – offer a good selection of adult beverages!

3. Don’t skimp on the snacks

As you probably already know, food is life. And perhaps more importantly, it’s the key to stellar backyard entertainment that wows your guests. With so many foodies and food fans these days, you’re going to need some serious snacks to enjoy a late night in your back yard. Besides, if your friends are enjoying adult beverages, something to munch on is a must.

4. Stargaze

Stop to enjoy the beauty around you: budget some time in the great outdoors, admiring the skies above. Get a star gazing map to help you identify the twinkling stars, cool constellations, bright planets, and anything else surrounding the shining moon. Invite some friends over for a novel get-together (and don’t forget those drinks). Trust us, the views are out of this world.

5. Go camping

The toughest parts of camping are packing up the kids, driving off to the buggy mountains, and finding a campsite that’s both legal and safe to stay in for the night. Don’t even get us started on dealing with the bears. You can eliminate most of those problems by camping from the comfort and safety of your own backyard! It’s the perfect solution for younger kids or anyone who wants just a little extra adventure – within sight of a real bathroom.

6. Amp up your bug defense

Take a bite out of backyard bugs and other pests who make it their mission to ruin your fun. The only thing worse than a buggy backyard is a buggy backyard with smelly citronella candles that never seem to get the job done. Go with a proven method that really works.

Platinum Mosquito Protection has been serving your neighbors across South Florida for years with mosquito-fighting technology that finally keeps them out of your yard — and out of your fun! Check out our solutions and reach out to us today for a free onsite consultation.

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