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Mother feeding her son candy floss

Sometimes here in South Florida, it seems like a lot of parties and events share similar themes: often something tropical with Caribbean-style foods. And we get it: it’s the perfect setting for a bright and beautiful tropical-themed party. But it’s time to get a little extra creative, friends! Here are some truly unexpected backyard party themes for your next birthday party, bridal shower, or other big events:

1. Dog birthday party

Our furry friends are a pretty big deal these days. Everyone is obsessed with their dog — they run their pet’s Instagram, feed him grain-free organic wet dog food, and dress her up on Halloween. So, the next time you feel like getting the friends together, why not do it in honor of the little pup in your life?

Invite all your dog’s friends over (and yours, too!), get a doggy birthday cake or cookies (no candles, please!), and buy tiny birthday hats. The genuine fun, giggles, and Snapchat opportunities will be endless once you get all those mutts together in one backyard.

2. 1920’s speakeasy

Alcohol didn’t flow as freely as it does today during the years of Prohibition. And instead of legal bars, restaurants, and shadowy clubs would run underground joints called speakeasies. They had secret entrances, lots of flapper dresses, and, of course, a taste of the good stuff. Why not throw a theme party reminiscent of this moment in our country’s history to celebrate — well — how far we’ve come? Costume parties are always a riot.

3. Murder mystery

Murder mystery parties have been growing in popularity. But why go out to the dinner theater when you can bring one to your own backyard? Hire your favorite catering company to guarantee you’ll love the food and invite all your friends for a fun and festive night. Not sure about the exact theme you want to go with? Don’t worry, there are plenty to choose from online like these great ideas.

4. Carnival theme

We don’t know a single person who doesn’t (even secretly) love carnival food. Did you know that many carnival food vending machines are available for rent? Get some of those cute red and white popcorn containers, pop your corn in a vintage popping machine, and melt away the butter. Don’t forget the hot dog roller, funnel cake fryer, and a cotton candy machine (Yes, food is really important for your theme).

You’ll need some entertainment besides the food, of course. Rent a dunk tank and convince your best friend or spouse to spend the party in it — and fill your backyard with other games galore. You’ll have an unforgettable night.

No matter how you spend your party, be sure you’re protected from pesky and dangerous bug bites

Thanks to Platinum Mosquito Protection’s misting systems, you can protect your friends and family (and pets!) better than ever before. And with mosquitos being such a problem here in South Florida, this is just what you need to keep the party going. Contact us today for a free on-site consultation.

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