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Because you’ll never develop that green thumb until you get out there and try

Maybe you’ve lived in Florida your whole life. Or maybe you’re a transplant. Regardless, gardening in South Florida can be a challenging task, thanks to the excessive heat and sub-tropical rainy summers. Want to know more about what it takes to grow plants successfully under the South Florida sun? You’ve come to the right place. Here are a few tips!

Don’t let your plants run dry

With the hot summer sun taking its toll on your favorite plants, there’s only one thing you can do: water, water, and water again! Many plants don’t stand a chance in South Florida if they aren’t being watered properly. When the sun starts to make a strong appearance, it’s in your plant’s best interest for you to make sure the soil remains moist. Things can dry out quickly here and we’ve seen our fair share of plants that are burnt to a crisp.

But don’t go overboard on the water

One of the hardest things about gardening here is not just making sure that your plants are watered, but knowing when they’ve been watered properly. After all, too much water can actually drown a plant, killing it from the roots up. Balance is key when it comes to keeping your garden healthy.

This is especially true during the summer here in South Florida. Since this is a sub-tropical region, our summer isn’t characterized by its heat as much as it’s noted for its abundance of rainy days. In fact, it rained every single day in June during the last rainy season. And if you’ve ever experienced this season in our area, you know we’re not talking about a sprinkle here and there — no, our summer storms are accompanied by full-fledged, torrential downpours.

All of that can deliver a beating on your poor little plants. Make sure they’ve got a cover over them to protect them from both that strong sun and the heavy rains.

A great way to balance your garden’s intake of water is to invest in self-watering garden globes, which work to ensure that your soil has just the right amount of moisture at any given time.

Start your seeds early

If you’ve moved from a different part in the country, you may be used to starting your seeds in late spring or even summer. However, that’s not going to fly in South Florida. Most experts suggest starting in February or sooner, so the young and tender sprouts can grow without being damaged by the heat that accompanies this area’s spring.

Fight off bugs and other pests

Bugs and other pests can make a real mess of your garden. Not to mention, they can make gardening miserable while you’re outdoors. Instead of letting them take reign over your garden, show them who’s boss with a mosquito misting system.

Our systems use an insecticide based on Pyrethrum, which is derived from a Chrysanthemum flower. For decades, Pyrethrum has been the preferred method of controlling mosquitos, flies, and fleas in horse barns and animal housings, as well as the most effective way to protect agricultural crops and city water systems.

Before you get out in the garden, be sure to reach out to the experts at Platinum Mosquito Protection so we can help determine the best pest control option for you and your pretty little plants.

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