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Lime pie in a plate with a fork

Because life in South Florida is sweet!

Pie is one of America’s most iconic desserts. No matter the season, there’s always a pie for you to enjoy: pecan and pumpkin are perfect for fall; Apple is a summertime favorite. But the staple pie choice for South Floridians is key lime.

The key lime pie was invented by a botanist named Jack Simons during the early 20th century in or around Key West, Florida, making it a relatively new kitchen concoction at the time. But that didn’t stop it from becoming an instant hit with Floridians and dessert-lovers across the nation. Here are some key lime recipes no South Floridian can resist:

1. Classic key lime pie

Voted among internet users as one of the best key lime pie recipes ever, this is one recipe you’ll have to try. Mom On Time Out’s recipe uses freshly squeezed juice from key limes and a homemade whipped cream topping you can make in your own kitchen!

2. Healthy key lime pie milkshake

Thanks to Desserts with Benefits, you can now enjoy a taste of key lime pie without all the guilt! Made with high-protein ingredients like Greek yogurt and cottage cheese, and using only the natural sweetener, Stevia, health nuts won’t get enough of this health-conscious recipe.

3. Key lime stuffed strawberries

Another great, lighter option is the key lime stuffed strawberries from Maebells. This easy, no-fuss recipe uses fresh strawberries, decadent cream cheese, and fresh, citrusy key lime. These bite-sized desserts are both tasty and beautiful, making them a great party food!

4. Key lime cupcakes

Feeling in the mood for something a little richer? How about a moist, sweet key lime cupcake? Passion for Savings doesn’t only make it possible, but also simple! Using a boxed cake mix, you won’t need to fuss with buying and using a ton of scratch ingredients while spicing up the flavor with fresh ingredients.

5. Key lime pudding pops

It’s no secret that summers in South Florida can get pretty hot so who wants to bake? How about a key lime pudding pop to cool off this summer? A Spicy Perspective offers this fresh and exciting recipe, making your key lime dreams become a reality.

6. Not a baker? Buy a special pie.

Not sure you feel like making anything sweet but still in the mood for some key lime pie? Head down to Sweet Delights, one of our favorite key lime spots. They make pies in an assortment of tropical flavors, including passion fruit, coconut, banana, and the classic lime, of course. You won’t be disappointed.

Have your pie and eat it, too

Go ahead: grab a slice of your pie and kick it with your family in the back yard. Keep them protected from those pesky bugs, though! Florida isn’t just famous for our key limes. Our mosquitos have made quite a name for themselves, thanks to the mild-to-hot weather year-round and abundance of water. Keep the pests out with help from Platinum Mosquito Protection.

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