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Man washing and cleaning the backyard
Because Spring’s Greatest Impact Takes Place Outdoors.

With spring in full swing, there’s undoubtedly been some cleaning on your mind recently. But one space that’s often neglected during this furious cleaning season is the great outdoors. As you’re checking off your list of spring cleaning to-do items left and right, most people forget to include their backyards. Here are the outdoor cleaning necessities to get your backyard into shape this year:

1. Clean out the shed

Your shed is a highly-coveted space. After all, who doesn’t love more storage options? And since it’s a hot commodity for storing extra trinkets and outdoor necessities, that means it can get super cluttered, incredibly easily. So, before you do anything else, it’s time to empty out that shed. Here’s how:

  • Organize your tools and toolbox. Trash rusty tools that no longer have value and donate the useable ones you haven’t touched in the past 20 years — if you haven’t needed them all this time, you probably won’t need them in the next 20, either!
  • Get a bike rack. Bikes tend to take up a lot of square footage in your already crowded shed. It’s time to figure out a better solution. Hang them upside down or on the wall via a rack. Trust us, you won’t regret it. Here’s a pro tip: if you have kids, make sure your rack is kid-accessible unless you want to be in charge of getting and storing their bike each time they want a ride.
  • Dust the cobwebs and check for wasp nests. You might be surprised at how many creepy crawlies took shelter in your shed for protection from colder temperatures over winter. So start by knocking down down cobwebs and keeping a watchful eye for wasps. They tend to make nests in wooden sheds.
2. Power wash the walls and deck

Have you noticed that the wood on your deck, your cement patio, and your home’s siding have gone a little green with envy of the neighbor’s place? If these areas are looking dingy and dirty after a few years of neglect, power washing is a simple solution for sparkling siding and decks.

You can choose to hire a company, rent a power washer, or buy one to keep at home so you can power wash whenever you’re ready. Now that the shed’s empty, you’ll have plenty of space to store it!

3. Get a gleaming grill

Whether you weren’t careful cleaning it last time or it took a beating during the offseason, now is the perfect time to get the grill sparkling again. You know you’ll be using it in the next couple weeks!

4. Get to gardening

Part of making a clean and happy spring backyard is polishing up your garden! The first step is to pull out those pesky weeds that have been growing in since the fall. Once everything is cleared out, you can plant anything you dream of: pretty pansies, crisp carrots, or tasty tarragon are a few spring suggestions.

5. Bye bye, buggies

There’s nothing clean about mosquitos taking over your backyard, especially after you’ve gotten it back into shape. Platinum Mosquito Protection’s mosquito misting systems can help take care of that, though. Take a look through our systems to choose which one will work best for you and your family. Get in touch with us at Broward: 954.888.9311 Dade: 305.627.6666 Palm Beach: 561.744.7787, or online and we’ll help bust those bugs right out of your backyard.

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