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Water fountain of stones

Don’t just get yourself in shape this spring — get your backyard up to snuff, too!

Your backyard is a communal space that allows you and your family to enjoy the outdoors. It’s the perfect place to spend your time together — especially if this year’s beautiful weather continues. An investment in your backyard is also a great investment in your family. So you’d better believe it’s more than “okay” to spend a pretty penny to upgrade it.

Are you ready to get the best backyard in the neighborhood? Here are some renovation ideas that will turn it into a fun hotspot that the whole family can enjoy:

1. Install a waterfall in your pool

Many homes in South Florida feature a pool, so having one isn’t anything particularly special. But you can make yours stand out with the added touch of a rolling, stone waterfall. It’s a beautiful feature that can easily elevate the elegance of any pool. Better yet, make it into a secret slide! There’s no better way to hide a fun and playful slide for the kids than by installing one into a gorgeous, flowing waterfall.

2. Put in an outdoor bar

Who doesn’t love to mix and mingle with a fresh cocktail or frosty brew in hand? An outdoor bar adds a festive feature to your backyard space. Forget the fuss of running back inside for a cold beverage on a hot day. Instead, keep a fresh stock of drinks, ice, and cold glasses available throughout the year to add atmosphere and convenience to your mixers and family events. Get ready to be the most popular host in your neighborhood!

3. Add a professional grill with a mini fridge and sink

There’s something about grilling and eating outside that makes the warm weather that much more enjoyable. So why not bring your backyard barbecue to the next level by installing a professional grill and a built-in sink and mini fridge? No more running back and forth, inside and outside to grab utensils and ingredients when you’re cooking on the grill. Instead, store your perishable items outside in the mini fridge, grill outside, and clean everything up at the sink without having to drag the dirty dishes into the house.

There’s more to loving your backyard than the useful and fun features

Upgrading your backyard is one of the best choices you can make for you and your family. You’ll find yourself spending more time out there, enjoying the weather and wildlife. But be sure to fully prepare your backyard. After all, Florida is well known for its abundance of pesky mosquitos. Live mosquito free, with Platinum Mosquito Protection’s backyard misting systems. No backyard is complete without them. To learn more or receive a quote, contact us today!

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