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A mom and daughter jumping on a trampoline

Because there’s no better place to enjoy the season than your own backyard.

Summer is rolling in mighty fast around here. Before the kids get out of school and you make plans to spend time outside, here are some ways to get your backyard ready:

1. Amp up the fun

Are there a few young performers in your household or neighborhood who really love being in the spotlight? Create a “stage” for your kids and their friends to perform dance recitals, concerts, and handwritten theater productions. Make your deck or gazebo their stage. Set it up with outdoor-safe sound equipment and lights if they’re a little older and really serious about what they do. It will be tons of fun and they’ll have the opportunity to improve their craft in a realistic environment.

2. Get ready to rumble and tumble

Looking for ways to get your kids a little more active this summer? A great way to get them outdoors is by setting up a large trampoline or other fun exercise equipment. They’ll spend hours jumping around and having fun — especially if you plug in a stereo. Plus, 15 minutes of jumping is equivalent to a 30-minute run. They’ll get more exercise in half the time while having lots more fun.

3. Build a shed

You need a spot to store the bikes, kayaks, and whatever else the kids will be using all summer long. Adding storage is a proactive way to ensure that all the toys of summer are protected from the elements and that everything is in its place.

4. Get ready for the rainy season

Remember, summer means one sure thing here in South Florida: it’s the rainy season! And you’ll need to be ready. Waterproof or cover anything that needs protection, especially electrical items. Check the roof on your patio or shed for leaks. Batten down the hatches when you’re not home and chop down any wobbly or loose trees or palm leaves — those storms can take a real toll if you aren’t prepared.

5. Build a footpath

Adding a footpath from the front yard to the back creates easy access for yourself and the kids. No more mucking through the mud (remember, it’s the rainy season), thanks to your brand new stone or concrete path!

6. Bust those buggies

The last thing you want to do is spoil backyard fun by allowing mean mosquitos to take reign. Besides the fact that they carry a lot of illnesses (like West Nile virus, chikungunya, and Zika, among others), no one wants to be pestered by bug bites. Take charge of protecting yourself and your family by installing mosquito misting systems. They’re both useful and inconspicuous, and won’t ruin the look and feel of your beautiful backyard.

Ready to get started? Check out Platinum Mosquito Protection’s misting systems and other mosquito-beating packages — then contact us today!

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