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A boy and girl on a prom date.

The memories will last a lifetime with unforgettable photos!

Ahh, spring is in the air. The flowers are blooming, there’s an unmistakable warmth in the air (as always here in South Florida), and prom season is just around the corner.

Whether juniors or seniors, prom is the big moment in every teenager’s life where they have the chance to dance the night away with a crush or friends, making lifelong memories. Everyone remembers their prom night. Make sure your kids remember it with positive memories thanks to unforgettable photos! Here are 6 tips for taking prom pictures in your backyard here in South Florida.

1. Don’t be shy with the poses

Face it: the poses can make or break prom photos. They are extremely important to the look and feel of the photo and using professionally inspired poses can make your photos look that much better.

Be sure to scout the pros who know the best poses. You can find those on talented and informative photographers’ blogs or even on websites like Pinterest.

Make sure that you get enough photos too! Get an all-girls photo, an all-guys photo, fun and crazy photos, and (even if it’s against their will) photos with the siblings and parents! They might fight you about it now, but they’ll be grateful to have them when the next ten years fly by.

2. Location, location, location

You’ve heard it time and time again: location choice is critical to snap an outstanding photo. Even if you don’t have the chance to go anywhere other than your backyard, you can use the scenery to your advantage.

Do you have a beautiful, pink mimosa tree in bloom? Direct your teenagers to gather around it or to pose in front of it. That vibrant pink will pop in the photo creating a gorgeous backdrop.

Do you have a deck in your backyard with a staircase? If so, don’t forget the obligatory staircase shot: ask prom-goers to line the stairs with their dates. This image will be visually appealing thanks to its geometric qualities.

3. Grab some great props

Props make prom photos fun for everyone, so get creative. Before prom day is here, buy a giant golden picture frame. Even if they’re not a fan of New Girl, your prom-goers will love framing the photo with… well…, a giant frame! Is the prom a masquerade ball? Grab those masks during your photo hour.

4. Switch accessories

Ask the teens to switch up their accessories with one another. Let the girls wear their date’s bow ties and let the guys don tiaras. This can be a cute and comical memory that’s bound to get ample attention among their friends once pictures go up.

5. Selfie station

Teens today can’t walk away from any event sans selfie, so set up a selfie station where they can take their own photos. Allow them to use a selfie stick or a selfie lighting phone case to make sure they’ll look and feel their best. Even if you don’t set up the selfie station, they’re bound to take a few of their own.

6. Spray your yard

There’s only one thing that can put a damper on your backyard photoshoot: mosquitos. And trust us, they’re not in short supply down here in South Florida… especially not during prom season. Set up your misting systems perimeter before you and your kids spend time out there. Contact us today for a free onsite consultation!

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