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Rainbow Florida Bird in a Garden

Spring often brings endless birdwatching and color to America’s sunshine state.

Florida is known for a lot of things: its mild-to-hot subtropical weather, the beauty of the beaches, and for its snowbirds, but did you know that Florida is also known for its real birds, too? Here are some reasons why this is the perfect spot for bird watchers during spring.

Why do birds migrate

As children, we learn that birds migrate as the season’s change in various parts of the country. The first question a lot of people have about bird migration patterns, however, is why? Why don’t they just stay in one place? Why do they have two homes?

A New York bird might be perfectly happy during summer, but it won’t be half as happy during winter there. And it’s not just because those birds would shiver their way through winter (although they probably would since birds don’t hibernate like many other cold-climate animals). It’s actually because of food. Their food becomes pretty sparse during the winter.

Birds rely on bugs, grubs, worms, and everything else creepy and crawly for their sustenance throughout the year. Those bugs tend to either die off or burrow underground for the winter, which leaves those birds without much food on the table. So, their instinct tells them to fly where it’s warmer, where bugs are plentiful throughout the year.

The Caribbean, Cuba, and other surrounding islands are the chosen destination

But these little guys can only take so much flying before they’ve earned a well-deserved break. So during April, as they’re making their way back up north, many birds make a pit stop in Florida. They grab a bite to eat, have some water, and get some rest before traveling the next leg of the journey. After all, they just traveled several hundreds of miles over open ocean without a place to take a rest!

That makes April the perfect time to spot some beautiful birds in South Florida: Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and along the Keys. These birds use Florida as their springboard to prepare for the next part of their journey home. Even they know the Caribbean is pretty hot during summer, and they’re looking for cooler areas to enjoy until next winter starts to roll in.

Birds love bugs, but you probably don’t… and there’s a solution for that

Truthfully, bird-watching doesn’t get much better than in South Florida. Especially in April! But the only downside is that the reason the birds are there is that of all the bugs! You’re liable to get bitten by a few pests while you’re out admiring the beauty of nature.

Before you embark on your bird-watching journey, be sure to set up your backyard. With the help of Platinum Mosquito Protection, you can have the perfect bird watching getaway in your own backyard in no time. Set up a misting system to keep your backyard mosquito-free, and perfect for watching those brightly colored beauties take to the skies.

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