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Green hat St. Patrick's day

Where to celebrate to make sure your St. Patty’s Day doesn’t bite!

St. Patty’s Day is a big deal in South Florida. The combination of perfect spring weather and an exciting environment make it a thrilling place to be for the fun and happy holiday. When you’re looking for the best places to catch St. Patty’s Day in South Florida, you don’t have to look far. There’s plenty of fun to go around. Check out these places:

1. Brickell Fest St. Patty’s Day Celebration

With professional Irish food and drink vendors to die for (hello, Fado!), Brickell Fest’s St. Patty’s Day festival will help you ring in the holiday in style. Grab a few friends to celebrate. The fun lasts all day and night at this swanky, cool fest set in the heart of Miami’s booming financial district. Stay tuned to their social media accounts for the newest updates.

2.Hollywood St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Festival

Celebrated on Sunday, March 13, the Hollywood St. Patrick’s Day Festival is a welcoming day of family fun you don’t want to miss. And, since it’s scheduled the weekend before the holiday, you don’t have to miss out on the good times you’ve planned for Thursday. Get ready for live bands, fresh food, and a traditional float parade showcasing creative designs that will floor you. Oh, and lots of drinks, of course.

3. 37th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Festival (on Coral Way)

If you’re looking for something authentic this St. Patrick’s Day, this is it. Experience the tantalizing, rich flavors of Irish cuisine, thanks to this festival planned and hosted by the Emerald Society of South Florida. Taking place the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day, this event promises a weekend full of celebration. Get ready for drinks, food, crafts, and more!

4. Monty’s Sunset

There’s just something that seems right about spending St. Patrick’s Day at a bar — especially an outdoor bar. Not only does Monty’s pack a punch in their drink offerings, but their menu will blow you out of the water. Speaking of water, they’ve got a crystal clear pool so you and your friends can enjoy a cool swim under the hot Florida sun.

5. The backyard

No, we’re not referencing a fancy restaurant or hipster bar; we’re talking about your own backyard! Whether you’re looking for a calm celebration with the family, or just something a little cozier than the crowded festival, your own backyard is the perfect place to spend the holiday.

And besides, you can make your drinks and food as hearty or healthy as you want when you’re hosting. If you’re not a fan of Irish cuisine, why not pick up your favorite 6-pack and grill up a delicious dinner[Link to Nat’l Heart Month grilling recipes article. :)] with your friends?

South Florida is filled with pesky gnats and mosquitos this time of year. Be sure to take that extra step to protect yourself and your family when celebrating in your backyard by having a mosquito control system installed. Contact us today for details!

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