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Piggy bank in the backyard
Your backyard can serve as a lot of things, including a money saver

Your backyard is what you make of it. It can be for entertaining, serve as an eating spot or even where you get your work done. But did you know that it can also save you money?

1. Food expenses

The National Gardening Association (NGA) produced a study that found that the average home with a vegetable garden spends $70/year on the garden while saving an estimated $600 on produce each year.

Of course, to start you’ll need to spend on tools and terracing your land or building raised beds. If you have pets, you’ll also need a fence to keep them out of your new garden. However, these one-time expenditures are a small price to pay for having anything from spinach and carrots to basil and parsley easily at your reach. Never again will you have to run back to the store to get that missing ingredient.

2. Gym membership

Who needs a gym membership when you can exercise in the comfort and privacy of your backyard? Forget what you’ve heard about needing equipment to get a thorough workout. If necessary, you can purchase free weights, a medicine ball and a mat. Otherwise, you have all you need right out your back door. You will also never be able to use the excuse that the gym is too far away or too crowded. Not sure what exercises you can do at home? We’ve already broken down different outdoor workout options in this blog.

3. Staycation

Who says you have to spend tons of money to enjoy time off work? Most Americans never use their backyard, but it’s actually a great place to create your own oasis and get away from it all. And you don’t even have to wait for vacations to come around to use it, it’s there every night and weekend, too!

Add some lighting to set the mood, heat up the Jacuzzi, pop open a bottle of wine and, most importantly, keep all phones and tablets inside the house. All that’s left is for you to enjoy quality time with your spouse. If it’s a family staycation you’re in need of, there are plenty of backyard games the whole family can enjoy to make your backyard feel like a quick getaway.

No matter which option seems like the best fit for you (and your backyard) they can all save you a significant amount of money.

And if you want to enjoy gardening, playing or relaxing without being bothered by mosquitos, give us a call and ask us how our mosquito misting system can make your backyard a more enjoyable place to be:

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