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Backyard decorated with lighting
Floridians have limited holiday decoration options without a winter backdrop, but that doesn’t mean a festive holiday celebration it isn’t possible

Don’t let Florida’s eternal summer turn you into a Scrooge! There are ways to celebrate the holidays even when your backyard looks nothing like the North Pole. Consider the following options for decorating your Florida home this holiday season.

Elaborate centerpieces

Take floating poinsettias, holly or even mistletoe to make a cheerful centerpiece for your outdoor tables. Pour water into a serving platter and trim each flower so they’ll rest in the water. Viola! You have a festive centerpiece that’s season-friendly.

Take advantage of outdoor spaces

Your porches and patios are not blocking your holiday decorating, they’re adding to it. Consider wrapping wreaths, pine garland or lights around the exterior of your home to draw guests outside to enjoy the views.

Warm welcomes

You should consider decorating the front of your house as much as you consider the back. Who doesn’t love to see homes with an array of lights or holiday flowers? Whether you line them up along the front walkway, driveway or porch, they are sure to get people in the holiday spirit and serve as a sneak peek to what’s to come when they go out back.

Fake snowballs

Who said you can’t have a winter wonderland in Florida? Regardless of if there’s snow on the ground, you can still make your own. All you’ll need are Styrofoam balls, some string, wire and a knife and you’ll be ready for your first Floridian snowball fight. These add-ons can be placed in baskets, used as centerpieces or laid out on the porch. View the tutorial on how to make fake snowballs at Cottage in the Oaks.

Party porches

Turn your porch into your Christmas palace with easy and beautiful displays of candles and greenery. Add a festive holiday wreath, cover your table with a holiday towel and pinecones and be teleported to the Northeast. This environment is perfect for hosting a holiday party.

Holiday mailbox

If you’re decorating your front entrance, why not decorate your mailbox too? It’s as simple as tying some pine to your mailbox with a wire and embellishing with red ribbon. If you think snow would have an added effect, try tearing up some cotton balls to add to the tied pine.

Cranberry lights

This inexpensive Christmas option is very easy to execute. Fill a glass vase with fake snow and cranberries (real or fake) and add a pillar candle on top. These are great to line your entranceway, patio or staircase.

These options can be DIY or easily purchased at local craft stores. Mix and match any of these options as the perfect backdrop for this year’s holiday party. While you’re preparing for your holiday party, make sure to consider Platinum Mosquito’s control system to keep the mosquitos away and guests comfortably enjoying your Floridian holiday backyard.

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