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Backyard stone fire pit surrounded with wooden benches

The fire pit you’ve always wanted is within your reach

Fire pits are one of the most popular landscaping features for a backyard. Not only are they attractive, but they also provide a comfortable gathering place for family and friends. You can sit together, enjoy a cocktail during a beautiful fall night and even roast marshmallows.

Are you aware that this coveted backyard décor can be a DIY project? A fire pit is typically constructed from fireproof material on a flat, level surface at least 25 feet from your house or any trees. Since fire pits are typically governed by local building codes, you may want to check the code in your area to determine if there are any restrictions before getting started.

The best part about making your own fire pit is just that—it’s yours and yours alone to design. You can choose to have a stone fire pit, a paver fire pit or even a tabletop fire pit. Regardless of your choice, there are a few materials that will be required for your project, including a burner, gas, and firebrick or gel burners.

Firebrick can be combined with either fieldstone or pavers to help design your unique look. Although the three items above won’t be all the materials you’ll need, they are essential to get started. Looking for more inspiration? Consider these options:

1. Fire pit table

You can either turn a fire pit into a table or a table into a fire pit. This dual-use addition can be completed as long as you have even pavers. As a final touch, make your new fire pit table look like it came out of a Pottery Barn and with a few coats of wood stain.

2. Fence-made fire pit

If your backyard is too small to fit a fire pit, consider creating a wooden, freestanding model. All you’ll need to build it are fence boards and screws. This piece is perfect for decks and patios. Make sure to use gel burners instead of firewood—you don’t want to burn down your fire pit!

3. In-ground fire pit

Take it back to where it all began with this look. You’ll need to dig a hole in the ground and line it with large, heavy bricks. Add some decorative stones around the fire hole and you’ll be ready to go! Although the rocks will be hard to move, the entire set up can be accomplished for less than a few hundred dollars.

The options are endless when it comes to designing your very own fire pit. Once you begin doing research, it might be hard to stick to one concept but you’ll be able to narrow down your options once you decide how much money and time you want to spend. Next step is the bonfire!

The only thing that could ruin your newest outdoor addition is a swarm of mosquitos, who are known to appreciate the light (and sweat) they generate. If you want to live a life without mosquitos®, contact us today for a FREE onsite consultation!

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