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Dogs Running in Backyard

Easy and aesthetically pleasing ideas you and your pet will love!

Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite as adorable as watching your four-legged pal frolic around the backyard, chasing butterflies, rolling in the grass and lounging in the sunshine. So for many, creating a backyard space that’s not just aesthetically appealing and comfortable for humans, but also dog-friendly, is an important goal when it comes to landscaping and designing the area. The good news is that creating a doggie paradise that will please both you and your furry friend is easily done, just follow these tips:

1. Fence them in

It may seem obvious, but the first step you need to take is fencing in your yard. If you want your dog to be able to roam around and enjoy the space on their own, you have to make sure that he/she is safe and cannot get lost or run out into the street. There are many fence options (white vinyl is becoming quite popular) and you can choose one that not only serves its purpose but looks great as well.

2. Choose pet proof outdoor furniture

If your dog is like many, he/she likes to stretch out on a couch or sit on a cushy chair. If you don’t mind allowing your pet to do this, make sure the furniture you choose for outside is pet and weatherproof, like wicker or rust-proof metal; you can even get some dog beds that are washable. Another choice is to provide your dog with his/her own house where he/she can hang out and doze.

3. Keep them cool

Depending on where you live, remember that while dogs love to soak in the sun (just like humans), they do need to retreat to a shady spot throughout the day. If your yard has good trees that provide shade you’ll be all set. If not, consider investing in shade or canopy that you can hang in a corner. This will ensure that even when it’s hot they will be able to stay cool.

4. Don’t forget the water

We all know how important fresh water is to keep your pet healthy and hydrated. If you get creative, you can make sure he/she has water to drink while making your yard even more beautiful. Think about how cool it would look to have a bubbling fountain built into your yard and how much fun your dog will have slurping up the fresh H2O. Ground fountains, floor fountains and pond-less fountains are all great ways to include water that looks great and serves its purpose.

5. Protect them against mosquitos

Nobody likes mosquitos and your dog is no exception. Getting bitten by mosquitos can also cause heartworms, so it’s important to be sure that your pet is protected. A surefire way to keep mosquitos and other biting insects away is to have an automatic spray system that is set up to mist at certain times throughout the day—it’s the no hassle, no worry way to eliminate mosquitos without using dangerous chemicals.

Having a dog is one of the greatest experiences a person can enjoy. They bring us so much happiness and provide unconditional love to their families. To make their life more enjoyable, safer and healthier, create the ultimate paradise for them using these ideas and any others that you know will be beneficial. And when you’re ready, contact us about our automatic misting system that will eliminate mosquitos and protect your pet against the dangers of getting bitten by these harmful pests.

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