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Group of Mosquitoes

Your “sweet” blood may not be the reason why mosquitos keep biting you

It’s a beautiful day and you’re enjoying the outdoors when you feel a tickle on your arm. You go to brush it away and notice a bite. As it starts to itch and swell, you notice three other bites close by. Suddenly, you look up and realize you’re sitting in a swarm of blood-thirsty mosquitos. EEK! What’s an outdoor lover to do? And why are they so attracted to you? Here are some facts about mosquitos, including what attracts them and how to protect yourself.

Mosquitos are more than pesky

They can carry disease. Aside from transporting viruses and parasites, mosquito afflictions include West Nile Virus, Elephantiasis, Malaria, Yellow Fever, Dengue Fever and more. Although these infections happen in specific geographical locations, see a doctor immediately if you feel sick or queasy after getting bit.

Mosquitos love dark colors

Aside from keeping you cooler and more comfortable, lighter colored clothing can also help you avoid bug bites. Mosquitoes can see and use their vision to pick their prey. They seem to prefer darker, brighter colors to whites or pale hues. So stick to pastels as it heats up outside, they will make you less visible and less attractive to these pesky buggers.

Mosquitos are attracted to sweat and scent

Mosquitoes need moisture to reproduce and are therefore are attracted to hot, humid areas like Florida—but also the moisture we produce, like sweat. Avoid fabrics that make you sweat and stick to more breathable, less clingy ones.

Scents also make you more attractive to mosquitos, so avoid lotions, hand creams, soaps or detergents that smell nice. When you know you’re going to spend time outdoors, choose as many unscented products as possible. Carry unscented wipes with you to wipe off any excess sweat or lingering scent from your skin. Keep a travel size pack in your backpack and a larger size on campgrounds.

Mosquito mamas do the biting

It is nearly impossible to determine the gender of a mosquito unless you are an entomologist—or you get bitten. Even though both male and female mosquitos feed on plant and fruit nectar, only the female of the species relies on the protein found in blood to help develop her eggs. So although knowing the gender of your offender won’t help you avoid getting bitten, it’s still a fascinating fact.

How to prevent mosquitos

Tips and tricks can help you avoid mosquito bites, but if you are looking for a reliable method to prevent them from biting you, try an automatic mosquito misting system. The Platinum Mosquito Protection system can be installed in a backyard or any area of a property plagued by mosquitos.

Called the “knock down” effect, its automatic timer releases mists of natural pyrethrum—an extract from a certain species of the chrysanthemum plant—which affects the mosquitos’ central nervous system and paralyzes them before they are exterminated. Because it has the lowest toxicity rating measured by the EPA, pyrethrum is dangerous to insects, but not to us! Instant relief!

When natural pyrethrum is combined with the man-made equivalent permethrin, you get longer lasting results. Permethrin provides residual lethal and repellant properties that inhibits re-infestation. That means you can linger in your outdoor areas without the fear of getting bit.

In need of more advice on how to keep mosquitos and other pesky insects at bay? Want to purchase your own misting system? Contact Platinum Mosquito Protection today!

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