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A wooden swing in backyard surrounded with plants

3 ways to transform your backyard into a personal retreat

If you live in a home and are fortunate enough not to be restricted to a few square feet of balcony space, then you have a wonderful opportunity to turn your backyard into your own private oasis. A luscious outdoor space can be truly a life to transform with opportunities for enjoyment that are practically endless. Here are a few ways to create a personal oasis—right in your own backyard.

1. Build an outdoor kitchen

A barbecue grill, sink, refrigerator, and a little prep space is all you really need to create the perfect outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to cost you a bundle; it just needs is functional, comfortable and exude a bit of warmth—the type of space that will keep everyone smiling even before the food comes out.

From simple, compact designs to more elaborate ones, there are many ways to stretch your budget without compromising style. Customizable prefabricated kitchens and modular kits are a nice option that can cut down on time and cost—and be delivered right to your door.

Remember, even a small, cozy space can make a big impact. What’s important is how your outdoor kitchen feels. An outdoor cooking space can make alfresco dining a frequent occurrence at your homestead. Bon appétit!

2. Start a garden

Ever taste a fresh pea from a garden? It tastes more like a piece of candy. Starting a food garden is fun, relaxing and so rewarding. It’s also a great way to enjoy delicious food from the comfort of your backyard. The secret is designing one that is manageable and works around your schedule. As long as you have plenty of sunlight, a few beds can supply plenty of food for your table and enough to share with grateful neighbors. Raised beds that you can purchase at the store are a great choice for beginners because they keep everything—seeds, fertilizer, moisture—all tight and packaged nicely. Lots of people dream of having their own food garden and the truth is anyone can do it.

3. Create the right atmosphere

The perfect backyard enclave—one perfect for entertaining as well as unwinding—can be yours if the mood is right. Creating the right atmosphere takes a little forethought, but a great place to start is with seating. Whether in a comfy recliner or a cozy hammock, comfortable seating is probably your most important accessory. Lighting is also a key factor when trying to set the right ambiance. As the sun goes down, your outdoor space can be transformed into a luminous outdoor oasis with just a few touches. A favorite of many is inexpensive floating candles in the pool, which help create a soft and soothing effect. String lights and battery powered tea-lights inside globes or lanterns have that same shimmery effect.

A backyard has so much potential, no matter the size. There are many ways to boost the beauty and usability of your outdoor space with a little imagination. If you’re concerned that mosquitos or other insects will cramp your style or prevent you from fully enjoying your private oasis, ask us how our unique mosquito misting system can put your fears to rest!

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