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Soap Bubbles

Don’t let mosquitos keep you from enjoying your backyard oasis

While the summer season is coming to a close, there’s still plenty of time for you to enjoy the balmy evenings we all love so much. But the warm weather is also a favorite of those bloodsucking little creatures that always show up uninvited—mosquitos. They can suck the fun right out of a family campfire or evening BBQ. And however you decide to enjoy your backyard, the absolute last thing you need is the company of these annoying insects. So what can you do to avoid them?

1. Munch on garlic

This vampire-repellent is also known to repel mosquitos—which totally makes sense since they’re both bloodsuckers. If you’re planning to hang outdoors in the evening when mosquitos are out in full force, try eating a meal with lots of garlic. Wearing it around your neck won’t do the trick—so this hack is just for those who like the taste of this pungent herb.

2. Get yourself a chive bush

Chives aren’t only great toppings for baked potatoes. This herb, just like garlic, is another one that mosquitos just don’t like. Although some folks say that they still get bitten, they do report dramatic decreases in bites. So take a potted chive plant and place it on your patio or in the yard and relax. The mosquitos will seek their dinner elsewhere.

3. Rub yourself down with softener sheets

They won’t soften your skin, but the chemicals in a fabric softener sheet have been known to repel these critters, so run away. Of course, be careful. Those who have sensitive skin or skin conditions should probably opt for another method.

4. Be a bubble blower

Get a bottle of bubbles (the kind your kids love to blow) and a bubble blowing machine. Fill it up, turn it on and be amazed when mosquitos refuse to swarm. Made from similar ingredients to dish soap, this works for the same reason.

5. Start a war

Of course, there are harsh chemical products and zappers out there that can help to kill mosquitos. The only cons of these approaches are the danger of the chemicals for people and the environment. The traps (zappers) will kill a lot of bugs, but that nasty zapping sound will do little to enhance the ambiance of your backyard gatherings.

6. Arm yourself with a powerful weapon

A long-term powerful solution is to get yourself an automatic misting system that consistently sprays repellent to discourage mosquitos and other biting pests like no-see-ums from visiting your backyard oasis. The Platinum Mosquito Misting System uses Pyrethrum, which is an extract from the Chrysanthemum flower. It’s set up strategically around the perimeter of your house and is on an automatic timer that will mist at times you specify. It’s an easy, hands-free way to get rid of mosquitos all the time—and you’ll avoid garlic breath.

There’s no need to allow mosquitos to force you to say goodbye to your outdoor fun. Take note of these ideas and see which ones can help you reclaim your backyard®. If you’re ready to say goodbye to mosquitos forever, get in touch and ask us how our mosquito misting system will work for you.

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