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six people having drink and food with BBQ in backyard

Our favorite summer pastime is back – make sure you’re fully equipped

Summer is in full force and there’s only one thing that comes to mind – backyard BBQs. But before you invite your neighborhood and 30 closest friends there are a few tips to remember to make sure your next BBQ is a success for both you and your guests.

1. Have something ready to snack on

Whether it’s a dip, a cold appetizer or a quick dish, make sure you’ve got something on hand for people to nibble on while they wait for the main course. Unlimited alcohol and no food can be an accident waiting to happen.

2. Keep it casual

The whole concept of an outdoor BBQ is that you can grill your meal while simultaneously socializing with your guests. The atmosphere should be loose and enjoyable for everyone, including the hosts. Serve food family style on big platters and have drinks on ice so guests can help themselves. This prefaces our next two tips…

3. Pick easy, classic recipes

BBQs can be simple but very easy to overdo. If you want to actually enjoy the company of your friends and family, consciously limit your shopping list to a specific number of ingredients for a specific number of dishes. If you have a decent grill, your guests will enjoy the food no matter what it is. Stick to the classics like hamburgers and hot dogs and you’re set.

4. Keep it to beers and pitchers

There’s no greater combination than BBQs and beer. If you want to put in some extra effort, however, grab a recipe for an easy and refreshing summer favorite. Spike some lemonade or whip together sangria in a serving bowl, add ice and let your guests serve themselves. An overstocked bar can make things messy and more complicated than they need to be.

5. Have extra everything

Keeping it simple doesn’t mean being unprepared. Make sure you have enough charcoal and wood chips, keep a spare gas tank on hand and if someone wants to bring anything – you can never have too much ice!

6. Bring out the yard games

You’ve got the food, the drinks and the presentation all set. To ensure no one gets bored, games are always a great way to bring the group together, especially if they all don’t know one another. For some added memories, four cans of spray paint can magically create an outdoor Twister board. Charades is also a great way to keep people engaged.

7. Keep the bugs away

You never want people to leave your BBQ early because they are uncomfortable. While you can’t control the heat, you can control the bugs. Your local grocery store should be fully equipped with options to make sure unwanted guests don’t join the party. However, many can be unreliable. That’s where Platinum Mosquito Protection comes in. How sure are you that your backyard is completely pest-protected? Contact us today for a FREE onsite consultation to ensure that you’re completely covered for your next Backyard BBQ.

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