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Mosquito sucking blood from human body

Move Over Jurassic World – Mosquitos Are Reproducing As We Speak

As summer approaches, we all look forward to taking advantage of the great outdoors. Whether it be a cocktail party on the patio with cool refreshments, or tending to a lovely flower or vegetable garden, this time of year offers fresh air, sunshine, and oh yes, unwanted visitors in the form of mosquitoes. There’s always one bad apple, as they say.

With mosquitos, however, it feels like there is more than one lingering around at all times. And when you eliminate one, why does it seem like there are dozens more to take its place? How can there be so many? There are some interesting facts about mosquitos, and here are a few of them:

  1.  Even dinosaurs had to deal with mosquitos, as they have been in existence since the Jurassic Epoch.
  2.  Mosquitos don’t actually bite, they suck – and only the female sucks blood. The blood acts as food for her developing ovaries and maturing eggs.
  3.  Male mosquitos only eat plant juices and nectar.
  4.  Mosquitos step so lightly on their victim, they are usually undetected. A mosquito can even step on a spider’s web without the spider knowing!
  5.  Mosquito larvae are aquatic and it takes only a little water (from barrels, buckets, old tiles, basins, garbage cans and about any other water-holding surface) to create a perfect environment for hatching.
  6.  Eggs are able to resist both drought and cold and can stay five years in dry or cold ground before the larvae hatch, if necessary.
  7.  Once bitten, applying alcohol to the site is the best pain relief…and if you’ve ever been bitten, itching only makes things worse.
  8.  And finally, mosquitos can mate in midair – in only 15 seconds!!! That’s right, 15 seconds from start to finish. No wonder it is so hard to get rid of mosquitos, they are always reproducing!

So mosquitos have been around since the dawn of time and are always reproducing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they heading for extinction anytime soon.

Then what can you do to reclaim your backyard® and keep your outdoor activities enjoyable for everyone? You can outsmart the mosquitos. You just have to be smart about mosquito control. There are quick fixes, but those aren’t always the best option. Instead, we can implement long-term mosquito control programs for our patios, porches, decks, and backyards. You can get rid of mosquitos with lasting, effective protection and take back the outdoors. If only the dinosaurs had been so smart.

Platinum Mosquito Protection offers year-round protection from mosquitos with their state of the art mosquito misting systems. To learn more about how you can enjoy the outdoors all year round without these pesky bugs contact us today!

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