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You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood with this summer must-haves.

School is out and summer has begun! Which means your backyard’s going to be a busy place. Make it the spot where everyone wants to gather with these top 5 backyards must-haves for summer 2015:

1. S’mores anyone?

Nothing says summer like smores. And there’s no better way to make this chocolatey, marshmallow treats than with your very own backyard firepit. Of course, firepits are also great for bonfires at sunset and sipping wine as you gaze at the stars.

2. Pop the corn, let’s watch a movie

Enjoying a family flick just got way more fun with a giant, inflatable outdoor movie screen. It inflates instantly, is super wide and comes with tethers to make it stable. Whether you’re throwing a slumber party or just hanging with the kiddos, it’s a summer fun must-have.

3. How about a human pretzel

Here’s a twist, literally and figuratively, of the ever-popular Twister game. Great fun and entertaining to watch (for those too chicken to play), this inflatable version is great summer fun for adults and children. Larger than life, the 15’ x 15’ play mat has 64 colored dots for players to touch with their hands and feet while attempting to remain standing. It comes with a 3’ wheel to spin at the beginning of each turn.

Life Without Mosquitos
4. Life without mosquitos

There’s no bigger killjoy to a fun-filled summer than mosquitos. With all the fun you’re going to be having watching movies, playing games and making smores, you’ll need to ensure everyone’s comfortable and free from these biting pests and others like no-see-ums. Protect your family with our Platinum Mosquito Misting system that uses natural Pyrethrum, an extract from a Chrysanthemum flower to get rid of mosquitos. The automatic spray system is installed strategically around the outside perimeter of your home and in the yard using an automatic timer will mist the insecticide at specific times according to your needs. This eliminates mosquitos and is perfect for any size yard.

5. Say cheers!

Now you can enjoy your favorite wine all summer long without having to run back and forth into the house to refill your glass. This innovative backyard necessity includes one stand for the wine glass, and the other for the bottle, just stick them into the ground. Get two, one for red, one for white– cheers.

Get your summer going with backyard fun that makes memories to last a lifetime—grab some of these must-haves and you’ll never need to leave your awesome backyard. And don’t forget to contact us to reclaim your backyard and have a mosquito free summer!

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