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Now that your student has received their diploma it is time to celebrate!

It is graduation season and there is no better place to host a graduation party for your student than your own backyard. The weather is great this time of year and there is no use in wasting it on a party inside. What do you need to throw the perfect backyard graduation party? We’re glad you asked.

1. Grand entrance

A balloon arch is a perfect opener for any backyard party, especially as the grand entrance for the graduate. The great thing about creating a balloon arch is you only need three supplies: balloons, PVC pipe, and a stand. Cut the PVC pipe to the appropriate length and just tie the balloons around the pipe until you create a grand entrance for everyone to enter your backyard party. This is also a great way to incorporate the school colors of your graduate.

2. No pesky visitors

Every party host wants the perfect guest list and to avoid having unwanted guests attend. If you are worried about pesky visitors coming to your graduation party, install a misting system for your home. These misting systems work on their own timer so there is no need to preoccupy yourself with bug prevention for your outdoor bash.

3. Varying lights

As the sun begins to set on your home, you don’t want your guests to leave because they can’t see! Having numerous lights at your party is not only functional but also beautiful. Hang festival lights from the trees and tall spots in your backyard to create a cozy ambiance for your party. Place candles on the tables for a rustic feel and integrate lanterns throughout the backdrop to add more light to the night.

4. Elegant centerpieces

Centerpieces are the focal point of any party because they draw in everyone together at each table for conversation. Utilize the gorgeous nature around you and create centerpieces on each table with vases out of mason jars filled with daisies or aster flowers fit for summer.

5. Photo booth

What’s more fun than taking pictures at a backyard party? Just stick some PVC pipes with end caps together add a backdrop and voila you have a simple photo booth to entertain guests at your party. Use props like graduation caps, robes, and chalkboards for personal messages to complete the photo booth.

6. Comfortable seating

Guests will be mingling at your graduation party, but they will also appreciate a place to sit for comfort. Outdoor poufs are inexpensive and easy to place around your backyard for extra seating. Plus you can purchase them in fun designs and bright colors to add to the summer feel.

7. Party favors

Party favors are a great way to thank your guests for sharing in the celebration with you. In order to make sure everyone who attends has a bright future, give away light bulbs filled with candies as a thank you. They’re cute and easy to distribute – you can even purchase plastic light bulbs online to not worry about anyone breaking them.

8. Goodbye bugs

To prevent bugs from drinking your lemonade or sweet tea, use the simple trick of placing cupcake papers upside down over glasses. Poke straws through the middle so guests don’t have to take off the “lid” from their drinks. Bugs can still be bothersome when it comes to enjoying other sweet treats at your party. If you don’t have an outdoor misting system yet, you may want to use a special event spraying/fogging system to hold you over. Platinum Mosquito can spray your whole backyard to prevent any bugs from entering. This way you can make sure your graduate has the perfect party without those pesky insects.

Any backyard graduation party will be a hit with these ideas. Just remember to have fun and celebrate the graduate. Congratulations to the Class of 2015!

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