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Here’s some helpful advice on how to enjoy outdoor water features without attracting pesky mosquitos.

There’s just something soothing about water. Its ability to calm the nerves, slow the mind and provide us with a sense of peace and tranquility simply draws us in. It’s no wonder that we seek to incorporate it into our outdoor landscape with ponds, fountains and other outdoor water features. We even add birdbaths filled with water to provide sanctuary for our fine-feathered friends who enjoy water as much as we do.

Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones attracted to the wonders of water: mosquitos find it just as appealing.

So how do we enjoy our tranquil oasis without whacking, spraying and incurring stinging bites? Here are some helpful suggestions that will protect your outdoor water features from these invasive pests.

Feed the fish

What is a pond without fish? Stock your pond with mosquito-eating fish such as minnows, gambusia sp, goldfish or guppies and they will pay for themselves. Some fish can consume their weight in mosquito eggs in just a few days, and just $20 of fish food can cover the rest for the whole year.

Keep the water running

Fountains, waterfalls, and streams add charm to your landscape, while at the same time, they deter mosquitos from laying their eggs. Mosquito eggs can only survive in stagnant water. These outdoor water features come in all shapes and sizes and price ranges, so your options are vast. For your pond, however, simply install a pond pump to keep the water running and provide oxygen for your fish. You should be able to find a pond pump and plastic tubing starting around $40 at your local home improvement store.

For the birds

It makes sense. Birds are attracted to clean water. Mosquitos are attracted to dirty, stagnant water. So keep your birdbath clean by dumping out old, stagnant water and cleaning it 2-3 times a week, depending on how many birds are using it. A solution of one part chlorine bleach to nine parts water will help as you scrub the entire surface, however, be sure to wear rubber gloves. Refill it with fresh, clean water and watch the birds return, not the mosquitos.

For the people

Perhaps one of the most convenient ways to deter mosquitos from invading your outdoor water sanctuary is to install a mosquito misting system that kills mosquitos on contact. Its mosquito-controlling mist acts as a virtual shield for your yard and protects you, your family and guests from uninvited, biting intruders. To learn more about mosquito misting systems contact Platinum Mosquito Protection today!

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