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It’s no coincidence that some people attract mosquitos more than others. Though researchers are still trying to determine the exact factors that contribute to this circumstance, it is clear that mosquitos are drawn to certain individuals. However, being at a higher risk for mosquito bites isn’t merely a minor annoyance. Mosquitos can transmit harmful diseases, including West Nile virus. If you seem to get more mosquito bites than others, you may want to consider speaking to a mosquito control expert about a mosquito misting system that’s right for your individual situation and home life. To learn more about what attracts mosquitos to certain individuals, check out the information below.

Are you stressed out?

Mosquitos have an excellent sense of smell, which alerts them to nearby potential victims. Individuals who are frequently anxious or stressed release certain scent chemicals to which mosquitos are highly attracted. Therefore, if you have recently been put under a lot of pressure at work, school, or home, your stress may manifest itself into multiple mosquito bites.

Have you been exercising?

Exercise is a great stress reliever. However, scientists have found that sweat can also prove to be highly attractive to mosquitos. In particular, the lactic acid found in perspiration draws in these tiny insects and makes them want to feed on you. To avoid becoming mosquito prey, shower immediately after any strenuous activity.

Do your relatives also get bitten often?

As with many other circumstances in life, genetics play a large role in determining whether mosquitos will find you attractive. Though the reasons behind why your genes affect how attractive you are to mosquitos are still not completely understood, researchers have discovered that people whose parents get more mosquito bites are much more likely to be ideal mosquito prey, as well.

Are you tired of getting mosquito bites all year long? If so, contact Platinum Mosquito Protection today. Our mosquito control experts will discuss our innovative and effective mosquito misting systems and recommend the option that’s right for your outside living space. Please call our Boca Raton-area office at 954-888-9311 to schedule an appointment.

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