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Mosquitos can ruin any outdoor occasion. Having barbeques, parties or events in your backyard is what summer is all about, but unfortunately, the mosquitos have other ideas. We don’t usually stop and think about what type of mosquito bit us, let alone how many species of mosquitos it could have been. However, two species of mosquitos that are more aggressive and tougher to control are terrorizing the east coast.

The two types of mosquitos, the Asian tiger and the rock pool, are what entomologists call “container mosquitoes.” Instead of marshes and natural bodies of water, both Asian tiger and rock pool mosquitoes can breed in small, artificial containers, such as tires, toys, cans, and concrete structures. The Asian tiger mosquito also is a deviation from the norm as it bites during the day rather than at night, making it a very legitimate threat to any social event you may plan on having.

Check out more about the Asian tiger and rock pool mosquitos in this article featured in the Wall Street Journal. Here is a quick excerpt from the article, where it talks about the aggressiveness of the Asian tiger mosquito.

“’Part of the reason it is called ‘tiger’ is also that it is very aggressive,’ says Dina Fonseca, an associate professor of entomology at Rutgers University. ‘You can try and swat it all you want, but once it’s on you, it doesn’t let go. Even if it goes away, it will be back for a bite.’”

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