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Mosquitos Pester All South Floridians

It can be fun to interact with insects such as fireflies or green and brown anoles in South Florida. They pretty much keep to themselves and don’t cause any harm. And then there are mosquitos. They fly in your face, bite, and are just annoying overall. Almost all Floridians take measures and precautions to rid these pests from their lives – not only because they are annoying, but because they are potentially dangerous as well. Since mosquitos feed on blood, they can transmit diseases when going from meal to meal. Although these insects exhibit a variety of annoying characteristics, the team at Platinum Mosquito Protection has put together a list of the Top 5.

5: They Scare You from the Outdoors

Many residents in South Florida are constantly worried about going outside, no matter the time of day, because of their fear of mosquito bites. Platinum Mosquito Protection can help you take back control of your surroundings with automated mosquito control systems. Don’t allow this pest to decide when you can have friends over for s’mores or when you want to play yard games with beers and friends. Businesses can also protect their customers who enjoy snacks on the patio. Our devices prevent them from landing in your drink or on your food and ruining your entire meal. For restaurants this can lead to refunds and bad reviews.

4: They Get into Places They Don’t Belong

Have you ever been enjoying an excellent cocktail or a refreshing gulp of water only to find a mosquito has landed in it? Thanks to their wings, these annoying insects can get anywhere, even in your food or drink. Platinum Mosquito Protection can help restaurants protect their customers with all-natural mosquito control systems. Not only are mosquitos invasive, but they can also be dangerous depending on how they fed before landing in your drink or dinner. Mosquitos are also able to get into your home when you open a door or screenless window and feast on your arm while you sleep.

3: Potential Danger of Disease

Most people don’t realize their skin itches after a mosquito bites them because of the saliva left behind by the insects. If a mosquito previously bit someone with a disease that can be transferred by pathogens, then you could be susceptible to it. Conditions such as Zika, West Nile virus, yellow fever, malaria, and more have all been contracted because of mosquito bites. Thankfully, most of these diseases have cures now, but mosquito-borne illnesses have caused deaths over the years. Avoid a trip to the hospital and reach out to Platinum Mosquito Protection to get your mosquito misting system installed today!

2: Irritating Noises

Mosquitos can reach many different places quickly because of their ability to fly, and flapping their wings makes a very irritating noise. When mosquitos operate in groups, the sound can be significantly amplified. They will also fly close to your ears, which is how you can tell they are around looking for a bite. Mosquitos are tiny, thin creatures. Just because you hear them doesn’t mean you can see them, which is very irritating when trying to eliminate their presence.

1: Feeding Habits

Mosquito bites take the top spot in the Platinum Mosquito Protection Most Annoying list because the insects’ meals consist of our blood! While the initial bite may not hurt you, the itchy mark left behind will drive you wild if not taken care of properly. You will also have to worry about disease transmission, which was mentioned earlier on the list. Each meal also helps mosquitos reproduce because the females need amino acids to lay their eggs. By repelling them, you are doing your part to reduce their presence.

Automated Mosquito Control from Platinum Mosquito Protection

Platinum Mosquito Protection can help you eliminate the presence of these pesky insects by offering our knowledge and tools. We can also offer suggestions about how to make your backyard unattractive to mosquitos and ensure they stay away by utilizing automated mosquito control devices. Automated mosquito control misting devices use a compound created from chrysanthemums called pyrethrum. Once installed, we place the system on a timer to release a mist of the repellant. We can also refill your mosquito control system with a synthetic version of this mist called permethrin. It also works to repel and kill the insects when they come to crash your South Florida party. Our team installs the spray nozzles underneath eaves and overhangs, within your garden or trees, and more to help keep them hidden.

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