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One of the most compelling reasons to protect against mosquitoes is the fact that they carry several dangerous diseases. The primary concern in regards to mosquito-borne illness in Florida is a form of encephalitis commonly known as West Nile Virus. Here is a brief look at this disease and the dangers that it presents:


Research has shown that West Nile Virus developed around 1000 years ago, but it was only discovered in the 1930s. The disease spread from northwestern Africa to India over the next several years. In the last decade, it has seen more attention due to outbreaks across the United States.


The most common vector for this type of encephalitis among humans is the mosquito, of which many species infect human hosts by biting and drawing blood. Fortunately, the virus is not otherwise contagious and is not passed from human hosts to new mosquitoes, so the virus does not spread or replicate well.


Most West Nile Virus victims suffer no notable symptoms, as the virus is defeated in the early stages. The second stage affects just over one-fourth of infected individuals, causing uncomfortable flu-like symptoms that tend to last just over a week. Rare cases result in inflammation of the brain and coma-like loss of consciousness. It is estimated that West Nile Virus has a mortality rate of one percent.

Affected Areas

Most of the continental United States, as well as many other countries and regions in tropical and temperate zones, have seen cases of West Nile Virus. These are all areas in which mosquitoes are active at various times of the year. It is particularly important to protect yourself against this virus if you live in a region with a significant mosquito population.

If you’d like to minimize your risk of contracting West Nile Virus, call Platinum Mosquito Protection at 954-888-9311. Mosquito control in places like Fort Lauderdale and Miami is absolutely imperative, even in the winter. Most people believe that the cooler temperatures make the mosquitos go away, but that isn’t the case in Florida. It the most effective method of avoiding West Nile Virus, so it is important to invest in a highly effective system like our automatic misters. Contact us online to learn how it works and how to order yours.

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