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Platinum Mosquito Protection offers an amazing product, one that allows you to finally have a life without mosquitos. However, while our product is great, we want to help the community in more ways than just mosquito control. That’s why we teamed up with one of the top female golfers in the world, Morgan Pressel, and donated one of our systems to her charity called “Morgan and Friends.”

“Morgan and Friends” provides underprivileged areas with access to free mammograms through mobile mammogram units. The service has resulted in several lives saved, as many women in these areas would not be able to afford the test normally. Platinum Mosquito Protection donated one of their misting systems, which was sold at an auction during Pressel’s event at St. Andrews Country Club in January of 2011, where over $500,000 was raised. As of January 2011, “Morgan and Friends” has raised $1.7 million in four years, which doesn’t include Pressel’s newest campaign called “Bucks for Birdies,” which raises money for every birdie Pressel makes during the WPGA year.

Pressel’s mobile mammogram units travel in the “MammoVan,” which has tested over 1,000 women, including 875 women who have never had a mammogram. To check out more about the auction and fundraiser at the St. Andrews Country Club, check out this Palm Beach Post Article, visit the “Morgan and Friends” website and be sure to like “Morgan and Friends” on Facebook.

Platinum Mosquito Protection is a proud sponsor of the “Morgan and Friends” charity. We ask that you join us by pledging your support here through Pressel’s “Bucks for Birdies” campaign. For more information on how to contribute, as well as mosquito misting systems and mosquito control in the Weston area, contact Platinum Mosquito Protection at 954-888-9311.

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