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Mosquito bites are a pesky consequence of an insect infestation. Thankfully, there are several strategies for treating mosquito irritations and stopping the bites from happening in the first place through mosquito control methods.

Bite Care:

The swollen, puffy site of a mosquito bite is actually your body’s defense mechanism against the mosquito bite. The tender area should be kept clean to prevent a bacterial infection. Use soap and water to clear out any dirt that may be close to the bite. Remember to avoid the urge to itch your mosquito bite, as the increased irritation will prevent the bite from properly healing. You can use natural remedies like tree oils or citrus juice to control the itch without aggravating the bite. Your local pharmacy is also sure to have a shelf full of anti-itch creams and mosquito bite remedies for speedy bite care.

Defense Tips:

The best way to prevent a mosquito bite is to cut off the insects’ access to your home. Screens, for example, can be installed on windows and doors to keep mosquitos out of your home. You should also cover up the small openings around your home that a mosquito could use to enter and exit. These home improvements will help to make your home safer from mosquitos. The final step is to ensure that mosquitos are no longer a problem around your property by installing a mosquito protection system. These automatic misting systems eliminate mosquitos before they can even make it to your front porch. By having a misting system installed, you can enjoy mosquito-free relaxation both inside and outside your home.

You can learn more about premium mosquito protection systems by calling Platinum Mosquito Protection at 954-888-9311. Our technicians are ready to install our misters on your property today. Call now and put a stop to annoying mosquito bites for good.

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