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The Miami Herald reported today that a man from Miami-Dade county contracted the first locally acquired case of the West Nile virus since 2009. The article states that the confirmation has led to a mosquito advisory being issued for the Miami-Dade County. The man has since fully recovered from the disease, which claimed the lives of two Miami-Dade residents in 2009. Officials from the county have since advised residents and visitors to take precautions so that they avoid getting bitten by the disease-carrying mosquitos.

Some of the ways you can protect yourself include draining any standing water, covering your skin with long pants and sleeves, and covering doors and windows with screens. However, the best way to ensure a life without mosquitos is with Platinum Mosquito Protection. Our mosquito misting systems are the best method of mosquito control for your home or business so that you can enjoy the outdoors without the threat of those pesky and potentially disease-ridden mosquitos. For more information on mosquito control in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area, contact us today at 954-888-9311!

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