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Mosquitos are only annoying when they get old enough to bite. However, understanding the entire mosquito lifecycle can help you better understand mosquito control around your home. By eliminating the conditions that allow mosquitos to successfully complete their lifecycle, you can reduce these pests and help your mosquito control system be more effective.


While different types of mosquito eggs need different conditions to hatch, every mosquito egg requires water. Some eggs can be laid on dry surfaces and then wait to hatch until the area is flooded, while others are laid directly on the water’s surface. Most types of mosquito eggs hatch within two days, so mosquito control must be immediate.


Mosquito larvae live underwater and feed on tiny organisms in order to grow. Since mosquitos still need water at this stage to continue growing, an important aspect of mosquito control is the elimination of any standing water near your home, even in small areas like cups and pots.


During the pupa stage, mosquitos don’t eat or grow. They exist in a tiny enclosure where their bodies change rapidly into the adult form. This stage still occurs underwater, where the cocoon-like pods float just under the surface.


After the changes of the pupa stage are complete, an adult mosquito emerges from the water, ready to feed. It generally takes just one to two weeks for mosquitos to advance from egg to adult. Adult mosquitos can lay many eggs at once, and millions of mosquitos go through these lifecycle stages each day.

Eliminating water sources around your home can help keep mosquitos away. However, you may need a more advanced mosquito control system to truly manage these pests. Platinum Mosquito Protection’s breakthrough mosquito misting systems offer the best in mosquito control. Our commercial and residential mosquito control systems use an effective and completely safe mosquito repellant.

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